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Does HughesNet have a standard for cabling used.

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Does HughesNet have a standard for cabling used.

My service went out about month ago and when I checked Status at -!/home/status it said the cable was bad. I checked my cable connections and rebooted the modem. I checked Status again and was told that the receiver was bad OK that can be checked by calling customer support. I called customer support and got the usual accent (though not bad) answered all the usual security questions twice. When I finally got to an agent I asked to have my receiver and modem checked and he said he would and there a bit of a pause. When he came back on the phone he asked what the problem was and I told him internet was down. He informed me that a repair would have to come out. I informed him that I had the express repair (I did have just removed it) because it was going to be 3-4 days before the repair man would be able to do the repair. The cable had just been repaired 2 months earlier and it was bad again(?) cable shouldn't go bad unless damaged. I live in a motorhome and from the satellite dish to the motor home there is about a 60' run which I placed in PVC pipe that still left about 10-15 feet unprotected. I have a 175lb dogged that is 10+ years old and not too frisky there was no sign that the cable had been chewed on. Since I had not gotten an answer to my original question about a bad receiver, multiple questions about the dog, no express repair service, and $125 for the repair I decided to do it myself. I ordered preassembled RG6 cable on line went to the local ACE hardware and bought PVC and 18awg solid copper wire for the ground. Prior to my replacing the cable my speed test were 225- to 2800 now I have only on test out of 7 under 3000 not a significant difference but I'll take what I can get especially when I save a C note.
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They do, though I can't remember what it is.  The problem that you may run into now, though, is that any work on the system, including the replacement or repair of cabling, needs to be performed by a HughesNet authorized technician.  I don't know what effect performing the work yourself will have on your account/service/agreement, if any, but it may.  


Don't get me wrong, I understand your predicament, but it would have been best to have HughesNet schedule the work.  


I'm sure either a HughesNet rep or someone else who knows will answer your question about the specific cabling and fittings requirement(s).

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What Gabe said is correct, any work to be done regarding cabling and the dish must be done by an authorized HughesNet installer. Their standard installation guidelines are here although they don't go into detail regarding the type of cable:


All it says that up to 125 ft of RG6 cable is used with weather-resistant compression fittings. Again, HughesNet installers should be the ones replacing cable. Any repairs to systems with unauthorized work done is subject to labor costs.


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