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Does anyone else have a problem with monitoring your internet usage????

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Does anyone else have a problem with monitoring your internet usage????

Does anyone else have a problem with monitoring your internet usage??? I had Hughes installed in November, I was excited to finally have something to watch on TV!!!! WRONG.. I am paying for internet that I can't use at my own convenience, because it uses too many GB... I pay for Netflix because I don't have cable nor do I want it... Can't watch Netflix because supposedly 1 hr is equal to 1GB..Since I had the plan with 10GB I decided in February to go with the 15GB.... I still have 7 days til next billing cycle, so I have had to rearrange my schedule for internet usage 2am-8am...This is the most absurd thing I ever heard of, my grandchildren dread coming here because they are limited to how long they can play their game..If they can play at all... I seriously believe we are the only people on this planet that have abnormal enjoyment of everyday activities...Tech support tells me month after month a change is coming SOON!!!HELP...AM I THE ONLY ONE????
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Hello mommalynn2014,

Welcome to the community!

Well, depending on what service plan you currently have, as well as what model modem, Hughesnet does plan to have new service plans available soon with the launch of Jupiter Two...  Though I don't think that will help much since you want to use Netflix for all your TV viewing, it's just not feasible on satellite yet...  

However, hopefully soon you will be able to stream more Netflix with Jupiter 2/Echostar 19.

For now, you might want to make sure that you are using the lowest possible resolution on Netflix to get the most content with your data usage.

I couldn't find the actual Netflix guide on how to change the playback settings, but this guide should be of assistance:

According to that guide, at Standard Definition, it should be about 0.3GB (300MB) for an hour of content.
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Here is the Netflix page:

Set the definition to low and you can watch more and much less stuttering/buffering. Still can not watch it for hours a day like TV.
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I have been a Hughes user for nearly 13 years. In that time I have went from a daily allowance of 250 MB to my current monthly 50/50 GB.

In all honesty, there is no way that anyone can use a data capped service to be the functional equivalent of an uncapped ground based ISP.

There are a Boat Load of things you can do to cut needless data usage ... and it does help ... big time, but not enough to make a data capped service into a ground based service.

Satellite Internet is intended to serve a niche market ... namely those that have no other option other than perhaps dial-up. It does not, can not compare or compete with ground based Cable, DSL, FIOS or even cellular or WISP services.

I look at it as a lot like being poor, you can look at all the pretty stuff in the windows, but you need to check how many pennies you have in your pocket before you decide to "buy" a file download, stream a movie or music service.... You have to keep and eye on the "fuel gage" and prioritize what you wish to "buy".

I'm betting you are wasting a good portion of your data in ways you are not aware of. Making a number of changes will extend what data you have to use on things you really want can really help but no, you will not be able to use your capped service for "cutting the cable cord" activity.

Video activity is THE most data intensive thing you can do. You can reduce playback resolution and that will help but it is no real replacement for unlimited ground base service.

My advice, Get Directv (or Dish) and use that for TV. Just don't hook it to your Hughes system.

Change is coming ... but a $600 million dollar satellite with a finite data throughput and a 12 to 15 year lifespan does not equal ground base ISP service.

We can help you save useless data usage but we can't make your Hughesnet connection the same as Cable.


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I personally have no problem, but then again I have DirecTV as there is no way Hughesnet could provide enough data for me to "cut the cord," so to speak.  I don't stream and never have, though I might try it one day for the heck of it.  

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I have cut the cord and don't watch TV at all, haven't in 3 years.  I do stream stuff through Netflix using Hughesnet, but not a lot either. Gabe, you have enough leftover gigs that you could stream on the last two days of the month, or even more.
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I've thought about it, and probably will give it a try at some point.  I think they still do the initial free month at Netflix, so I've got nothing to lose.  I think I'll probably upgrade to Gen5 when I can and possibly go for the 20GB/50GB plan, as well.  I certainly would like to be able to stream an old show or a movie once in a while.    

I'm on my last day for the month, and this month I actually used a little more than normal....


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Wow, Gabe. That's amazing. I'm 4 days away and I have used 6.3 out or 15 and 5.3 out of 50.  I could do quite a bit of streaming this weekend!

 As for Gen5, I'll see what's offered in my area, but I think of upgrading to more data too, from 15/50 to more (50/50? Will it ever come my way?)