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Does it ever work

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Does it ever work

Got serviced installed just about 2 weeks ago. The tech installed a new LBN on an old dish that was on my roof from some other service I had years ago, even used the old cable lines (that seemed odd). That night the service went out, I called they reset from there end and it worked again,,,,,For about 30 minutes! I called again, and again , and again... Now 2 1/2 weeks out and 7 calls later , they are sending a tech back, but not till 3 days from now.....They had no issues taking my money , but they certainly have issues helping a customer.... 


So far have not seen the speed that promise or the customer service they rave about. So does it ever work, can you watch netflix, Hulu? and what happens when they slow you down, can you still use it? 

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Re: Does it ever work

Yes, it works.  Yes, you can watch Netflix and Hulu, and others.   If you use up your data, you will be slowed down -- regular Internet use will not be all that much different (things like email, or pulling up websites), but it's likely you will not be able to stream anything, especially during times of high congestion (when a lot of users are on the system).  


They have no issues helping a customer, and in fact, they tend to be more helpful than other service providers (in my experience). Will they materialise at your door the minute you call? No. No one does. Everyone has people ahead of you they're helping, so it may take a bit to get to you, so you need to be patient. 


Since you have not explained what exactly your issues are, except to say "the service went out," we may not be able to help you here, although the Hughesnet reps on the site may be able to run diagnostics of your system and detect any anomalies, if there are any on the satellite side.   If you'd like more help, you may want to explain in detail what's going on. Is it a speed issue?  Are the modem's lights completely off, or are some on?   Any error messages when you go to the modem's page?  (!/usage)


Re: Does it ever work

Hi mandrw,


Welcome to our community! We could not see any issues in the diagnostics that would explain the poor performance you are experiencing, but we've opened a case here in our corporate office. A representative will be in contact with you soon to begin the troubleshooting process.


Thank you,