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Download speed is 402 kbps tonight

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Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight

Bandwidth and system demands are really are relatively independent albeit related. People are still waiting for things to buffer. That still puts a demand on the system, although the lack of bandwidth (and latency) causes it to last longer than it really should. End result is a downward spiral until you get to what used to be called a ‘deadly embrace’: two or more processes waiting for the other to complete causing a deadlock.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight

Same beam, same gateway, same problem.  For the last several days, daytime speeds have been anywhere from 2-10Mbps with evening speeds less than 1Mbps.  About 2-3 weeks ago, daytime speeds were constantly above 20Mbps and evening speeds typically between 15-20Mbps.  Looks like we may be adding beam 83 to the list of problematic beams.


Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight

@IntoTheWoods wrote:


"Well received a call from HughesNet Wednesday morning and the 'engineer' stated they, HN has had an unanticipated number of new subscribers for their Gen5 service and the beam, which he did not specify, I am on is running is currently way over its engineered capacity."


This is essentially the same thing I was told on Dec 12 when I was allowed to speak with engineering tech.  I was told that HN had a larger number than anticipated new subscribers for Gen 5 and that the area in which I was running was way over its capacity.  The engineer told me that they were working on it and a fix would be out within a few weeks. Shortly after that, I saw on another Community Tech Support message from Liz that they had applied a fix to test and that it had failed on one beam and therefore would not work on any others.  So I assumed that the 2 weeks would be extended.




Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight



ChaCha, I have edited this post to try to be a little more patient. However, HughesNet does need to tell customers like us what the problem is and give us a time line on when the problem will be solved. I'm going to try to bite my tongue for a while.



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Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight



Though you may not agree with them, if you are going to post here please follow the Community Terms of Service, which you agreed to by using this site.  




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Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight



Then we may have to see how far we can get with informal actions.




Re: Download speed is 402 kbps tonight

@IntoTheWoods wrote:

I'm starting a new topic since the other threads are getting rather long.


I've seen speeds as high as 20.97 Mbps today (6:34 a.m.). But at 9:08 p.m. I'm getting 402 kbps.


Here is my link to



Do a search for Federal Communications Commission complaints and fill out the form for internet complaints and let HN get back to you.