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Downloading a You Tube MOVIE


Downloading a You Tube MOVIE

I'm fairly clueless when it comes to streaming movies since it's nothing I've ever done due to HughesNet handicapped data plan. I've been using a program called "Free Download Manager" to schedule You Tube downloads during the "free" time between 2 and 8am.


I just noticed a section on YT called You Tube Movies. Does anyone know if I would be able to purchase and set it to DOWNLOAD to my computer during our free time? If possible, I'm sure it would expire after a few days to a week.




Re: Downloading a You Tube MOVIE

Good morning!


Yes, you sure can but only on a mobile device unless you have a Chromebook or use a 3rd party app (from what I've read). This is how it appears on my Android phone in the Movies app.




Assistant Professor

Re: Downloading a You Tube MOVIE

This app might work as it has options to enter login info. I haven't tried it yet myself but have downloaded and installed it, seems to be pretty feature rich. Have read through a few of the reviews/comments on it and some report YouTube downloads failing with older versions. Could give it a try though. The options to enter login info is under the Tools > Options settings.