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Drawing from wrong pool of data....again May 9th

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Drawing from wrong pool of data....again May 9th

From the photo below, you can see that I have only used 12MB of my data from the bonus pool. This is off by at least 250MB's.

Also from the photo below, you can see that my anytime data pool shows a draw of 374MB's. I think this if off by 250MB's, though I'm not 100% sure. But it is off by at least 200MB's.


Can you please quit doing this? I think this is the third time in the last 4 months.

Please compensate my account for the misplaced draw and then fix the problem so it doesn't happen any more this month.


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Sadly your screenshot doesn't really provide any comparitive information.

Consider mine:

My Usage Meter.PNG


I couild claim that the odd 820 MB of Anytime usage should have been deducted from my Bonus Zone but my screenshot does not in itself support that claim.

You could try to make something out of the History display but it is much more difficult now that we have lost the hour-by-hour function:

Screen Shot 05-09-17 at 11.10 AM.PNG


Any chance you have router logs that would indicate usage and time data?

Hourly statistics.PNG




I really don't need you to question my integrity. But thanks anyway.


This has happened at least three previous times and each time Hughes has come through with tokens as compensation.


I think they sometimes think I'm in CT time zone when I'm in the MT.

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@curtis-m wrote:

I think they sometimes think I'm in CT time zone when I'm in the MT.

I was wondering if maybe that's what it could be, especially if it seems to be happening between 7am and 8am.  

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I was not questioning your integrity, I was just pointing out that your screenshot doesn't provide 'proof' of your issue. Some support tiers may require more substantial  data.




Here's my usage this AM. It is all being drawn from the correct pool of data, and that's fine. I would just like to get back the approximately 250MB's that were taken from the wrong pool the other day.