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ENOUGH - stop advertising and START ASSISTING your existing CUSTOMERS.


Re: Unacceptable performance PLUS serious DATA DRAIN in first 24 hours of new data period!

Thanks @GabeU, I appreciate your input! You have been most helpful! I will keep running speed tests, although I know they use data so that I can have some sort of clear evidence of the data speeds should I decide to try and discontinue my 2 year contract. When we signed on, not until AFTER the device, dish and equipment were installed were we told there was a $14.+ lease fee for the equipment - that was a surprise -- it wasn't explained on the telephone or by the installer until after it was all done. Not happy about that either and wonder if others have the same complaint. I know HughesNet has over 1 million customers and there are only a handful unhappy -- I never had to worry about data loss, data drain, rental equipment, chasing problems with our previous provider, Wi-Power - it was just slow. And I do appreciate @Liz for continuing to try and narrow down our slow speeds, she is an asset to HughesNet.

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Re: Unacceptable performance PLUS serious DATA DRAIN in first 24 hours of new data period!

Just reading through some of the posts on threads today - maybe it is only a handfull of us who are unhappy or, are having very poor performance. My data drain issue appears to be resolved, however, one of the reasons to have the service is to be able to stream movies and videos in the evenings, of which we have not been able to enjoy at all due to constant buffering (not willing to drain the data by overriding for higher resolution).


We had to up our Verizon data ($20/mo) to be able to stream music - and it's odd to me, I watch my Verizon meter as well and we streamed music in the kitchen (I am a chef) yesterday for more than 9 hours and it barely budged the meter. We can't stream music with HughesNet after 3PM in the afternoon or evenings, Saturday or Sunday AT ALL because of the constant buffering, no buffering experienced using cell data. The 'advertising' when we purchased HN was we could stream approximately 480 hours of music and 30 hours of video with the $79 (discounted for 2 years then $99) - which is inaccurate at best. WE NEED HELP - and although I know there are promises of fixes, none are happening for me. 


@Liz reminded me last week to remember they were looking into my challenges, when might they possibly be resolved? I am as frustrated as @lake_woman with some of the same bravado, but learned a long time ago, 'you'll get more bees with honey than vinegar" -- there are many things I don't understand about HN or the challenges they face with Gen5 - all I want is assistance in fixing what appears to be great speed at times and abissmal speeds/access more than 80% of the time. Thanks in advance, all of you in the community.

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Re: Unacceptable performance PLUS serious DATA DRAIN in first 24 hours of new data period!


There are many of us that appreciate the "bees with honey" attitude. Believe it or not, we've all been there at one point of another, myself included.


Gen 5 is a good system. I've seen it at it's best, and at peak usage times too. And that's why some of us volunteer to help.


People are now running tons of things (plural) on the network that the system is having a hard time dealing with: Streaming, IoT addressable appliances, security cameras, who knows what. Everything is pinging something else on the internet these days, with new things being introduced every day, and it's having a major impact.


Isolating what those problems are and finding the answer is almost like a finding a needle in a haystack. It takes time to find the right solutions that make a positive impact and not hinder anything else. They almost have to be handled on a service by service basis, provided you even know what all the services being used on the network are.


This is why the mods are asking people to be patient.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.