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Early Termination fee...tomfoolery


Re: Early Termination fee...tomfoolery

Good morning smallga,

Thank you for your patience. The sales call review indicates that the ETF is valid, as the sales agent did disclose our Fair Access Policy:
The customer states that they do streaming and the agent reads the appropriate disclosures informing the customer that they should expect about 20 hours of standard definition movies a month with the mid-tier package.
-          When questioned about the data allowance, the agent explains that the service would slow down when it is reached.
-          When pitching the package, the agent includes both anytime and bonus data.  The agent also provided the 2am-8am stipulation for the bonus bytes.
-          The agent reads all final T&C’s relevant to the data allowance correctly. 


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Re: Early Termination fee...tomfoolery

I was told that also..the unlimited part.  Which was why I even signed up. Upon completion of installation, the repair man told me the real story.  I immediately called hughesnet and they gave me a $30 monthly discount for 6 months. I'm cancelling today anyway, prepared to pay the early term fee, because I can not download any major sites, nor even connect to email in less than 10 minutes.  Good bye Hughesnet.  Its not been fun.