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Equipment return issues

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Equipment return issues

Some background:

I upgraded to HughesNet Gen5 service in January 2018. (I've been a HughesNet customer since some time in 2010.) At that time, a technician came out and replaced the satellite horn and modem and left the old parts for me, without any instructions about what I should do with them. This weekend, while going through my bank statements, I realized (belatedly) that HughesNet has been billing me twice a month since the installation of the Gen5 equipment. I called the service number and the representative confirmed that the old Gen4 account had remained active and a new account had been created with the Gen5 installation.


So, they cancelled the Gen4 account and told me that they'd send me a box and an RMA for the Gen4 equipment.


Here's the problem: I had held onto the equipment until the end of June, and then my wife disposed of it, having determined that we didn't need it, since no one had asked for it for 6 months (not realizing, of course, that we were still being double-billed at that time).


I understand that per my user agreement, HughesNet can charge me $300 for not returning the equipment, but given the billing situation and the fact that this is previous gen equipment, I'd really like to avoid that and just call it even. I'm still a HughesNet customer, by the way, just with a new account number.


I have a reference number from my contact with support this weekend:  114153432.


(I'd also like to say that the guys who answered my phone call on a Sunday evening were really friendly and helpful. I appreciated that, especially late on a weekend.)


Long question short: Is there any leeway in this situation, or should I just expect to be out the extra fee for not returning the Gen4 equipment?


Re: Equipment return issues

Hello Darren, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! I can understand not realizing about the new account, it happens to the best of us. Not to worry, we will get this sorted out for you! 

I reviewed the case number you provided in regards to the cancellation of your Gen4 account. Because the equipment is old, we actually do not require you to ship it back. The only time we make that request is for our Gen 5 equipment. We normally do not set up an RMA for the Gen4 equipment, so I will investigate why they set that up. 

In regards to your concerns about the double payments, check your private messages and we'll discuss the matter further.