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Erratic speeds and poor connectivity

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Erratic speeds and poor connectivity

For over a month now I've been having issues with speeds that vary wildly, pages timing out or not loading at all. I e-mailed Hughes and was promised a call, which never came (Seems to be SOP), so I called, got connected to a tech who had no solution. That person told me they would upgrade it to a higher level and I would get a call in 24-48 hours, which again, never came. I called again, and got through to whatever their higher level tech is, who ran some tests, sent some signals and claimed that it should be better. It was better (not good, but better) but only for a day. We're right back to erratis speeds, etc. I set up an automtic spped test on, should have taken 12 hours, but actaully took better than a day, due I believe to the extremely slow speeds during some of the tests.

I think this is a link to the results:

I'm hoping someone from Hughes can suggest a reasonable solution, because at $115/month, this is just unacceptable.

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Please be sure to use the proper sizes for the tests (25MB for download and 4MB for upload).  Also, it's best to not spread like tests too far out from each other, as they need to get an average for a time period.  Five minutes apart is a good rule of thumb.


If you'd like to use automatic testing, it would be best to set it up with the following options, and run this setup a few times a day.  The Indentifier can be whatever you like, of course.  



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