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Explanation about data usage?

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Explanation about data usage?

Over maybe the past year my data usages has climbed.   Earlier, 20GB was more than enough but reported usage has increased to the point that the 20GB was used up in three weeks, often sooner.   My data usage (should have been) about the same over that period.   This month, without any change in my usage habits there is quite a surplus (see below).  This is nice but raises the question as to why... 


BTW, I stopped purchasing extra data tokens because there was almost no difference in connection performance when throttled back (only noticable on large data downloads).  I attribute this to the typical terriblly long delays (inactivity) between packets.  The delays are the dominate factor in throughput performance, not the data speed, not latency. 



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If you have Windows based PCs, I suggest installing Glasswire so as to monitor the data usage of the computer(s).  It will tell you not only how much data it's using, but just what's using it.  It only monitors the data on the computer it's installed on, so you'd want to install it on each Windows PC you have and use, if you have more than one.  


There is also an Android version of Glasswire for phones and such.  Though I've never used this version, I recommend installing it on any Android based devices you have in order to monitor the data they use.

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Thanks for the reply.  I have done that before to no avail since it cannot track other devices like my wife's Ipad.   The key here is that there has been no change in our average data usage (all devices) over the past year.   Something else has changed but not likely at all that it is on our end.


Oh well, since Hnet is super sluggish with, or without, being throttled back it does not make much difference.  Just curious...


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For the iPad I see "My Data Manager VPN Security" mentioned as a way to monitor its data usage.  It's available for free in the App Store, and it's been updated recently.  


It's just and idea.  

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Hello hamradio, 


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