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Extreme Amounts of Data Being Wasted

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Extreme Amounts of Data Being Wasted

I've had hughesnet for a couple of months now and have been so dissatisfied since we got locked into the contract. Initially I had one plan where the data was being used up very quickly so I upgraded to the higher one with 50 gb and 50 bonus. The issue isn't so much that were using the data so quickly, but that it's being used at hours where we are all asleep and it's using about 20gb at a time. When I call, I'm told I have to figure out why that's happening. I get zero help from these people that are supposed to be giving me answers. There are five devices in my house. Three phones and two computers. Our three phones are never updated using our wifi, so the large amount of data that can be used to do the upgrades are not from that. We changed the settings on the computers so that there aren't automatic updates. And we are not using the Internet so fiercely that it would be using up so much so quickly and we're definitely not doing anything with it at 4 am. I want to leave this company so badly but know I can't afford that ridiculous fee to break my contract. I'm paying $100 a month to have barely decent internet for maybe two weeks and then bonus data that is so slow that my computers won't even connect to the Internet.
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Re: Extreme Amounts of Data Being Wasted

There can be many reasons for losing data. In the end though it can only be either on the Hughes end or on the users end,

You should run a modem isolation test to see if it is on the Hughes end,

Here is the official graphic:

Follow the steps above and post screenshots of the before/after usage meter and the disconnect/connect times.

If you find that no usage occurs with all of your networked equipment disconnected we have to conclude that the usage is caused by something within your network.

While the following is a repost I think the steps apply to your situation as well:

In the event that no data was used during that period we can only conclude that "something" "somewhere" within your network is using data. It then becomes a "whodunit" and there are methods to determine that.

Divide and Conquer is the name of the game ... and it is essential.

A typical "home network" looks like this:

It is much too complicated to determine the "leak"

The Modem has access ... but we already performed an isolation test

The Router "guts" have access

Anything and everything with wireless range .. both authorize AND unauthorized devices COULD have access

Finally all wired computers have access.

During the troubleshooting phase the "network" MUST be reduced to the minimum number of variables.

It needs to have the router removed from the equation so as to look like this:

The number of variables has been brought down to a manageable level.

It now is time to download and install some software to track usage and identify what program and what process is or has been running and using data.

For this we need Glasswire:

An important point here .....

GlassWire will only monitor the single computer upon which it is installed.

Later as the router is reintroduced, GlassWire will have to be installed on every Windows computer that is connected to the router

Another point to be made here is that if Windows IS the root of the issue ... it uploads/downloads sporadically .. it may take time to "catch it in the act".

So as to not "torque" the amount of usage displayed by GlassWire we need to change a couple of settings ... we don't need to count (later on when more devices are connected) "local" traffic.

Here are my suggested settings:

(click on picture for larger image)

Understanding the results:

Each computer, one by one needs to go through this process.

Once all wired computers have been "cleared" we can add the router back in to the mix with one major exception .... we have to disable the "radio" ...

We then want to test the "network" consisting of all "cleared" wired devices and the router "guts" to ensure they work well together as a whole.

Now comes the stickey part the re-introduction of the routers wireless function.

Its tough because I know of no software that will load on the variety of devices that CAN connect ... cell phone, tablet and so forth.

On laptop computers you can od course load GlassWire but that still leaves many potential avenues open.

The "Poor Mans" method requires great discipline. ALL devices other than a single one have to be and remain in a "hard off" state and that is not easy to do.

Run that single device over time and monitor usage carefully while still running Glasswire and the "difference" is ... the amount used by THAT device.

Of the devices ... Apple stuff is probably the worst ... VERY large updates on a random basis and the updates are very prone to "break" during download causing them to restart from the beginning ... massive data loss there.

It is essential that the router be properly set up !

Guest access MUST be disabled in the routers internal GUI

No "open network" :  

WPA-PSK [TKIP] encryption at the very minimum !

Clear all devices one by one with the understanding that the usage may be sporadic.

There are higher end routers that WILL track usage by individual device but these may be out of reach (about $200) for the casual user. That is the only way to be SURE of what is going through a network.


Re: Extreme Amounts of Data Being Wasted

Hi vito,

We appreciate the post. 20 GB at a time is pretty substantial. We can certainly provide you with some assistance. The best place to start is the isolation test Gwalk has provided. Please run the test and post screenshots. Just make sure to crop out your SAN when doing so. From their I'm sure we can provide much more insight. Hope to hear from you soon.


Re: Extreme Amounts of Data Being Wasted

It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please 

start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.