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Extremely slow internet speeds

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Extremely slow internet speeds

Since getting the HughesNet service, I have been working with technical support to get anywhere near the advertised speeds of 25 megabytes per second. We are typically getting anywhere from 150-500 kilobytes per second. This is 0.6% - 2% of the advertised speeds! This is not acceptable.


I have opened multiple tickets. I had the technician come out and spend 3 hours trying to improve the performance, and there is no change. Is there any hope of getting decent service?!?


I am reposting this, because the HughesNet response was to tell me that the speeds are not guaranteed. I can understand operating at 80% of advertised speeds, but 0.6%?!?!?! That is NOT accectable. I am happy to pay for reasonable service, but this is not reasonable.