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Extremely slow internet

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Extremely slow internet

<a href=""> Test ID : 7l06xaXCn.ERUivZPFN</a><iframe loading="lazy" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="400" width="100%"></iframe>

Distinguished Professor IV

This is the only link you need to post:


Also, you will need to run more tests, batches of 3 to 5 tests spread out during different times of the day. 

Multiple tests now done at multiple time over a couple days; all with very slow speeds. 

Distinguished Professor IV

Good; now give the HN reps on this site some time to look into this. They may ask you for more information if they need it, so check the site frequently if you can.  Hopefully they'll be able to fix what's going on. 


@dom wrote:

Multiple tests now done at multiple time over a couple days; all with very slow speeds. 


Hello @dom,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. After running diagnostics, I was unable to find any issues with your service. In cases where there appear to be no network or equipment issues, we begin looking into the devices connected to the modem. It looks like you have nothing connected and therefore, I am unable to view the quality of the connection. Could you try connecting a device and leaving it on there for some time? This will record a quality history that I can analyze. Please understand that we do not record website or device activity history. This process is to specifically monitor device connection health and performance. 



Labtop connected full time since Mar 24th with the computer set not to shut off. Cell phones are also connected most of the day as well. I have continued to run the auto tests showing the continued issues. 

Have had devices continuously connected for the last 3 days and no response stoping continuous coverage. As many tests have shown connection is unstable and drops to under 1 Mbs daily. 



Thank you for providing me this information and I apologize for the delay.  Based on the Infomation you have provided, I have now made adjustments to the modem, and you should notice improvements in a few hours. Please keep me updated on your status.



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