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Extremely slow speeds!! No answers.

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Extremely slow speeds!! No answers.

So, as being a Hughesnet customer for about 6 months or less, I have had numerous calls to tech support. We have spent so many hours on the phone,to the point we are just fed up. We have hardly ever gotten *advertised speeds* and yes I know..not guranteed..whatever. I am just going to be upfront here before everyone chimes in with there usual messages of this and that. Tech support is a joke first and foremost, let's just be real. I have been sent modems, and told to do this and that, disable this, try that. I pay you to provide me a service, you do not pay me to do your job, or pay me to be your tech support. Like clockwork I pay my bill, but for what, honestly.  On a good day with plenty of data in my regular plan, I get 5-10mps tops, and that's givinlg you guys the credit because it's hardly ever that..EVER. Now, with my bonus minutes..same or worse. Even right now with about 60% left... I am running on 253-526kbs roughly. I honestly don't wanna hear or about what's promised or not, because I have .lconfirmed tests over I know it's throttled, and I know they can offer well above 25mbs.  We actually have a friend who works for Hughesnet, which I will not convey their identity, who has told me many insightful things, which makes me wish I would have me at signed up for the service. I have testmy results, no problem.  I have spent the past few months documenting these issues with dates and times  and speeds. I have done all the troubleshooting I care to do. At what point does one take responsibilty for their actions and stop saying...Well, it is weather,  or the location where you get your service and blah blah blah. And yes I have had escalated calls returned..A WEEK AFTER THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO CALL BACK. So, don t advertise or have your sales rep tell customers that you will get 25mos almost all the time, and when it runs out roughly 3mbs and that it is enough to still stream because Netflix and Hulu only require 1mbs to stream low quality, and your web activities will still function properly, because that is false...FALSE. I can honestly say, I have held back long enough. What your ads, TV commercials, and cpsales reps should tell you is this, Pay us for internet with speeds of, we dunno..but it Wil work most likely. We cannot tell you how well it'll work, but you can pay us and if it doesn't work..We will just give you these things called Tokens, because we don't really care to add free data, because you pay for it anyways. We can only tell you what our on screen script tells us to say, and we gotta stick to the script.  Test results don't lie, advertising does. You get way more data, better service and support from cable.  I just wanna know when I have to quit paying for service I am not getting, and when Hughesnet is going to pay me for all the tech support I have done, troubleshooting and hours wasted on the phone? I mean, you guys  have it like the IRS. And again, I know the few regulars on here are gonna chime in with...Yeah but, or did you do this..or you're not promised this or that..but I was per my sales call. I want resolutions for my issues, or I want to be done altogether with my service. And I don't need contract referrals either.  Mods?!?!?


Awe buddy, you didn't. I didn't say anything to you bud, just referring to GabeU comments, as i didn't know it logged me out of testmy. good friend Javier, at tech support seems to have resolved my problem. Man, he was very thorough,  patient....And extremely helpful. After him running tests on his end and seeing horrible speeds, and seeing we had replaced the modem. He had me do a few basic things and no avail.  Then hard reset with both buttons until the modem cycled.....Boom. high speeds again. So I need to go ahead and close this thread.

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