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Extremely slow speeds

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Extremely slow speeds

I have been noticing extremely slow speeds lately in the evenings. For example, last night, I called tech support and we did the following: rebooted the modem & my router; plugged my laptop into the modem directly. Regardless of what we tried my speeds never got near 1mb/sec. More like 6kb per second. He had me run the tests from both the customer care site as well as the website. He timed how long it took to get to specific web pages. Mostly he just was amazed at how slow it actually was. He said he was sending some commands to my modem and it would take up to 30 minutes to complete. I was then to test and call back. I didn't bother to call. My speeds haven't changed. Tonight they are slightly higher, but still not even 1 mb per second. 


I realize that I will likely never get the full speed advertised for my plan (15mb/sec). But not even getting 1mb/sec??


I also called on this same issue a few months ago. I was told my sat dish was out of alignment. I had to pay to have someone come out and tell me there was nothing wrong and that I actually had one of the strongest signals he'd ever seen. You can imagine I'm not crazy about paying for another tech to come out and tell me there's nothing wrong with my equipment or the alignment.


Is anyone else having similar speed issues? Did they get resolved? If so, how?





Good luck, I had a gen 5 system instaled the other day and have got a blazing 1.9 kbps. Tech support via phone was useless unless your interested in them selling.

Thanks for letting me know that! I was wondering if the Gen5 could be the answer to my issue. I guess not. 😞 I don't want to sign up for another 2 year commitment if the speeds will be the same. The super sad thing is through the week, on the odd occasion I work from home, my speeds are often over 15mpbs. Unfortunately, I'm rarely here to enjoy it and when I am here, I'm supposed to be working 🙂  I'd settle for 10mbps in the evening...but less than 1mbps is ridiculous regardless of time of day. 

My thughts exactly. If it cant be corrected before long they can have it. I really want to make it work but with these speeds and the complaints I am seeing its not looking good. I did manage 24mbps at 5 am this morning, just tested again and am now speeding along at 2.1

There has to be a simple solution to this. It seems odd that Hughesnet is being awful quite about it.

Lucky for me I have daily speed tests with the recommended sight (testmy) and all but one test show these speeds. If I have to by chance turn my equipment in to them , it will be a cold day in you know where before they get the 400.00 early termination charges.

My speed is slow too. I'm buying tokens like crazy. No one in billing can help me! No one speaks good English, Accents are so bad. There is a language barriar, and I have to repeat several times the problem, and they still don't get it. If by chance they do understand, they pretend they don't.


I can't even watch a movie on AMC after buying their new $30 token!