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Exttremely slow web page load times

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Exttremely slow web page load times

This is not a latency issue and is not consistent with HN speed tests.

My system: Win7, i7, Firefox, Bitdefender

"Modem" Signal: 111          Web Accel is on.

HN speed test:  Down: 137,  Up: 0.42


Web page load times using HN has always been slow for me.    Now it is ridiculous!  For example, the time from click to the time loaded was *TWO MINUTES*.

A power off reset did not help.   In the bottom left browser information display, most time is spent "waiting for XXXX", and some "transfering".

In no way does this reflect the transmission speeds indicated by HN.

What can be done so that my HN connection speed will exceed dial-up?



Woody  -  KZ4AK