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FInally rid of hugesnet!

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FInally rid of hugesnet!

I am finally rid of hugesnet. Even though they charged me an unfair cancellation fee( it was supposed to be based on how long was left on my contract...only four months...they charged me for more than that) and my last months bill( which they cap my data so I ran at in the middle of the month...that happened more and speed was down to 2mbps or worse)...even with all that I am free from this money sucking company and their lousy service...and it cheaper to pay their crappy cancellation fee and get rid of them than it would have been to pay for four more months of problems and bad service. I now have service from my local phone data limits...and no fee's!!....
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Re: FInally rid of hugesnet!

If you have good unlimited DSL or cable then congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, no fee's? You don't pay for it?

Re: FInally rid of hugesnet!

Hi Bobby,

Sorry to see you go, but I'm glad you found an alternative ISP that meets your needs. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!



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