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Frequent outages, weather is fine.

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Frequent outages, weather is fine.

Hi everyone...


I have had Hughesnet for several years and, for the most part, have been satisfied.  We rarely lose coverage, even when weather is bad.  


But for the past week or so, I've been experiencing random signal drops.  The system control center page indicates system status error "A Problem Receiving Data" 11.2.5.  There's another one that comes up, too...but I can't remember it now.  But it's the same thing I think.  


Any ideas on what this may be?  I rely on this internet for homeschooling these kids, but neighbor relies on my internet for tractor auctions (they are Mennonite).  I can't have spotty drops like this.


I'm thinking maybe the equipment is starting to get old?  


Would we qualify for a free upgrade at this point?

Associate Professor

Hows the weather at your gateway?  That can cause signal issues as well if the weather there is bad enough.

Have you attempted rebooting your modem when this happens to see if the issue clears up?

Other than that, it sounds like you may have an alignment issue, it take one of the moderators to perform diagnostic tests to determine this though.

I'm not sure where my gateway is located, and so I can't comment on that aspect.  


I do reset the modem and often, that seems to do the trick.  But not always.  For example, today...I had to pack everybody up and race to the library to finish a tractor auction for the neighbor, lol.  I reset the modem and the router each time.  

I had this problem and it got so bad, I had around 6 hours downtime a day. They sent out a tech that replaced the radio transmitter on the dish.