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GEN-5 Video Data Saver


Re: GEN-5 Video Data Saver

@C0RR0SIVE wrote:

Hey, @larrykelly I was wondering if the video data saver setting ever showed up for you?



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Re: GEN-5 Video Data Saver

Reviving this topic after a couple of customers asked about this feature.


I don't see the Video Data Saver icon/option in the HughesNet Usage Meter (ver. 6.6.0).


Also, I can't check if the features available in the HughesNet Mobile app because it won't let me sign in, even though my log-in information is correct. I just get a message: This account is not allowed to login. For further information or assistance, please call Customer Care at 866-347-3292

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Re: GEN-5 Video Data Saver

@El Dorado Netwo


I uninstalled my 6.6.1 meter and installed the 6.6.0 meter to see.  On checking, the VDS was there.  


I wonder if it could be tied to the issue of you not being able to sign in with your credentials, like the system is having some type of hiccup.  Perhaps it's tied to the beam or gateway you and/or your customer are assigned to?  



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