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GEN5 Speed after data allowance

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GEN5 Speed after data allowance

Hi Folks,

I'm a few weeks into my HughesNet service.  I can say overall I'm happy with the speed and performance (after a few issues in the beginning).  While the slow latency is something to get use to, I find it bearable compared to the fast download speeds.  I’ve also found that the HT2000W does not like my network setup.  I’ve went back to using my old router and using the HT2000W, as much as I could, as a bridge.  I’ve put my router in the HT2000W’s DMZ.  I’ve also had some double NATing issues to resolve. 


When I signed up I made several calls to customer service and explicitly asked what my download speed would be after I reached my data allotment.  It was kinda comical to hear them squirm around to come up with a final answer.  I understand that these things are not documented but it was fun (as least for me) to ask.  I even had one rep (salesperson) even go so far as to guarantee 15Mbps after my cap.  I have now used up my 20gb anytime data and my speed is nowhere near what was "promised".  


For those wanting to sign up you can check out my speed tests below.  Looks like I'll be getting somewhere around 2.8Mbps.


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" Looks like I'll be getting somewhere around 2.8Mbps."

Seems like  a pretty good speed for most things.

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That's not a bad FAP speed, especially when compared to Gen4 on the ES17.  People are actually still able to stream while in FAP with Gen5.  

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Those speeds were what we were getting via over the Christmas period without having gone over our 30GB allocation!  It amazingly sped up on the 26th.

Good ol' Hughesnet !


We'll be running out of data before the month end, so it'll be interesting to see what the speed is.  Managing on 30GB of internet is a real struggle after being used to cable at 100 mbps and 400GB per month.  No more streaming, no more Youtube.   😞

Checked with Speedtest and we are supposedly getting 704 ms, 7.7 Mbps fdownload and 2.68 Mbps upload.


But just did a download speed test and we are actually at a whopping....

TiP Summary - Minimum :: 0.16 Mbps | Middle :: 0.33 Mbps | Maximum :: 1 Mbps