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GREAT ... When it works

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GREAT ... When it works

I want to be clear, I only complain when their is a problem.  Otherwise, I am satisfied with the performance of the network.  Like now at 6:30 AM on Bonus Byte time, not throttled like when the sun come up and the browsing goes dark!
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I'm so glad I don't have that problem. It seems from all I read the problem is in the router and it's setup? When I set up my router, an "Apple Airport Extreme", the system only asks a couple of questions and it works. From what I remember trying to set up on wife's Dell PC there were so many settings. Recently I've had to restart my system about once a week to get the "Green light" back on my router. Haven't taken the time to find what the problem is causing it to go "Yellow". 60 mb update took about 20 seconds recently. Speed seems good.

Hello thornbury,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Can you provide us with more details? Are you saying the service only works to your satisfaction during the bonus period? Do you have anytime data allowance available? I'm sure with more info we can better assist you.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Not so...Smart Browsing.

Lately it seems we always use up all our Anytime Data despite efforts to make it last the month.  We are supposed to be able to Smart Browse but we really can't.  If lucky, a web page loads or, like today, get up early just to browse the web on Bonus time.  I have wasted so much time "chatting" about this with Hughesnet agents.  They claim we are Smart Browsing but my Hughes Net Status Meter does not say so as does the poor network perform.
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