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Gen 5 Speed Test Which One Now?

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Gen 5 Speed Test Which One Now?

 I use Linux Mint 17.1
I cannot get the Hughes Speed test to work, a java problem. With gen4 I installed icetea-6 to get the speed test to work, I installed icetea-6 again from the synaptic , but the Hughes test still doesn't work after a restart.

What consumer speed tests are acceptable. On I always am below 500 kps. I have read in my other thread that is now unreliable. If I try other tests, the results range from 1 Mbs to 4Mbs.

Since I cannot make Hughes speed test function, which other tests can be used?

If someone knows which icetea to install for Linux to make the Hughes test work, that would also be appreciated.

I am scheduled for a courtesy installer visit on Tuesday, I hope to have reliable tests before and after the visit.