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Gen.5 Usage

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Gen.5 Usage

I have used all of the 20GB in 4 days. Nothing has changed as far as my usage. I'm using Windows 10 and hav Gen 5 modem 2000. I have turned off Windows Upgrades. There is not a thing  different from last month. I did disconnect my Wifi Router and went to the router on the 2000. If anything the my Wifi  used less GBs. I have found that I cannot stream anything and that was not that was promised when I went to Gen 5. Last night I Disconnected the Lan Cable for 12 hours but have not  heard from Hughes. This is not acceptable and I'm about to tell Hughes to remove everything. I spent about a hour on the phone yesterday and the service rep. said there was nothing he could do. Now the system is so slow thas I can do nothing. This is not what I signed up for.

Associate Professor

Re: Gen.5 Usage

Please perform the following test outlined in the graphic below, this is known as an isolation test and will help determine whether the issue is with Hughesnet or your local network.

photo P2hSeDN.jpg

1: Take a screen capture of the Status Meter
2: Disconnect the LAN cable from the modem.  If on the HT2000w, you must disable wifi on the HT2000w as well.
3: Note the date and time of the disconnect, it is best when doing step two, to also capture the time displayed on your screen.
4: Leave the LAN cable disconnected from the modem for several hours, Hughesnet recommends doing this overnight, or during the day while at work.
5: Reconnect the LAN cable to the modem.
6&7: Take a screen capture of the Status Meter with the clock displayed on your computer.
8: Post your screenshots to the community.

Please be aware, if you downloaded any large files just prior to this test, or if the disconnect was for an extensive time period, some usage may appear to have occured, but should be rather negligible.