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Gen 5 beam ID54 almost unusable at night

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Tom Hughey

Gen 5 beam ID54 almost unusable at night

Hello Tech Support,


The performance of my Gen5 HT2000W system seems to be time of day dependent. Early mornings, (5-7am pacific time), I get amazing download speeds as measured by the official HughesNet testing center. The average speed at that time is around 50 Mbps. However, in the evening when I want to use the system the most the speeds drop dramatically. The average of 5 tests on the Hughes speed test was .24 Mbps at around 10:30 PM 10-16-2017. Yes, that is Point24! For all intents and purposes, the net was not functioning during that time. This drop in performance at night is not an outlier; its consistent.


My system is on beam 54. The Outroute ID is 6. The signal strength is 118. The test were performed using the WiFi connection from the HT2000W. I will perform future tests using the recommendations of Corrosive.
Can Tech Support access my speed test history? If so, please check it out.


I can see on this forum that I am not the only one with this problem. What can be done to improve this performance issue? 


The really good news is that the HughesNet Phone is working much better. Sound quality is as good as it was when I had GEN4. It does drop calls during certain times of the day. I wonder if there is a correlation?
Thank you for your help.