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Gen 5 data

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Gen 5 data

Thinking about cancelling our service,on my 2nd month and got 19 days left before it starts over,the lady on phone said 20 gigs would be fine,nope,went to 30 and still I have 19 days left with 26% of data remaining,,think this place is a rip off
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Re: Gen 5 data

No need to make multiple posts on same subject so I'll just respond here.


It is a capped/limited plan so users must learn how to manage data use if they want to get any satisfaction from the service. People coming from unlimited cable service do often suffer a shock on how much data they use. They most likely never erven looked at it before switching to satellite.


Other users can give you guidance on how to manage data use but would be best to post in the Tech Support section if you do want some help.


Re: Gen 5 data

Hello kglover,


Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us with your concern. This is kind of a tricky subject since our sales agents can only recommend an approximation of what will work for you based on information provided to them on the sales call. I am not insinuating you left anything out on purpose, but it could very well be there is something using the data that you didn't know would use it or could very well be that the agent underestimated. I'd like to investigate both paths and see what we can find, either way I am sure we will come to a resolution that works for you.


Thank you,