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Gen 5 is not working much better than the Gen 4!

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Gen 5 is not working much better than the Gen 4!

I've have called numerous times (lost count!) about not being able to download Netflix’s. Hughes Net has sent someone out to replace the radio on the roof mounted dish, upgraded/sent me the new Gen 5, and then had to send someone out a third time to finish the software upgrades and calibrate it to the new radio? Still was not getting a good enough signal or speed for anything to download. Not a video on the computer or Netflix’s or Dish On Demand. I was told that I had used all my data and wait for it to be replenished with my next billing cycle. Was also told that my service had been moved from one tower to another that was not really up and running fully?? When my data was replenished I was able to watch Dish On Demand but not Netflix’s. And DOD would buffer occasionally. One day later all my data was used up! I'm very frustrated and just want Hughes Net to fix the problem! I beginning to think that Hughes Net does not have the capabilities to provide the service they claim to be able to. So we are paying for something that we will never get! 

Is there an agency that I can go with these issues?

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Re: Gen 5 is not working much better than the Gen 4!



When trying to stream through Netflix or Dish On Demand, have you turned off (or paused) the Video Data Saver to see if that makes any difference?  


What is Video Data Saver?


Also, keep in mind that streaming is a very data intensive activity, especially when done in HD.  Streaming in HD with Netflix uses about 3GB per hour, and other services are probably similar.  


Also, you mentioned Dish On Demand.  I don't know about Dish, as I'm not familiar it, but connecting a DirecTV receiver to HughesNet is usually advised against, as it can use data for things other than On Demand viewing, and there's no way to control it.  Again, I don't know if Dish's receivers are the same, but your data was used up in a day.  Whether it was used up due to streaming, other device activities (whether known or not), or due to your Dish Network receiver using it, I don't know, but you might want to keep an eye on that.   

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