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Gen 5 speeds extremely slow

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Gen 5 speeds extremely slow

I have been a hughes net customer at my lake house for many years now and even started to leave but was convinced that when I upgraded to the Gen 5 system it would fix the problem.  We are only at the lake house on the weekends.  We do not live stream in HD and cannot watch Netflix because it is too slow.  I looked at my usage and it is showing usage during times when we are not at the house.  My house is isolated and others cannot use the service.  It is painful.  It took close to 5 min to download a 50 mb file.  I followed steps posted in other posts to correct the problem (wireless change to 11n only and 20/40hz) without improvement.  I have called customer service to work through it and they tell me I am getting 25MB/sec which is simply not even close to true.  I have rebooted everything multiple times.  

I am confident there is a capacity issue because everyday between 5 and 11 pm the system creeps along regulary having trouble reloading webpages during this time.  

What is going on??????


Re: Gen 5 speeds extremely slow

Hi pnaplace, thank you for posting and welcome to the community! One thing to keep in mind is during peak hours, customers may experience slower speeds due to the amount of people using the service. However, there are issues I would like to address. 

After running a thorough diagnostic on your account, I was able to see that there has been a high error rate with modem and some abnormal activity with the radio for months now. This is having an impact on your service greatly, so I've set you up with a free technician visit to address these concerns. 

I've sent you a private message to address these concerns in further detail.