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Gen 5 very slow evening speeds

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Gen 5 very slow evening speeds

I was over on gen 5 signal strength and was told to start a new thread so here speed goes so slow that I can't stream Netflix on their lowest will be connecting good then buffer and I'll check and it will be 2.5 or so then 15 it's all over the place but the bottom line is I can't stream tv and that's why I got it.they sent a tech out and he just adjusted the dish and got the signal strength to around 80. When I called on the phone they did a update.nothing has helped.any idea's it seems like Hugh's should be fixing it or say it's all they can get me,I'm not the satilite tech they are




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That is strange as even on Gen 4 at 1.5 Mbps I can stream  Netflix fine. What definition are you trying to stream at? I would suggest adjusting video definition to a lower one. Even with Gen 5 it is not recommended to do Netflix in HD, it will eat through your data allowance very quickly.


And although Gen 5 is forgiving when it comes to FAP, not sure HD streaming will be so good. 


Are you in FAP, as in over your monthly purchased allowance?

I'm not over my data, and I do have Netflix set to their lowest resolution .it also happens on Amazon prime.if I check speed with testmynet right when it's buffering by the time I start and run test the buffering will be done and it usually will be at a good speed.if I check a a few minutes later it many be connecting very slow again.there seem to be wild swings in the evening here's some download speeds between 7 and 11 pm.lows 148kbps,65kbps, 881kbps ,1.35 mbps, 1.6 mbps, highs 5.58 mbps, 5.46mbps ,9.53mbps.I have that 2000 modem router,sat signal strength around 80. I would try and run a cable to my roku but it's wireless only.does it hurt to extend the sat.coax to get the modem closer to the tv?


We are having the exact same issue in the same time frame as you. Anyone have an answer??

Same issue here also. Last night download speeds were under 1 mbps. This morning arround 6 am it downloaded at 22 mbps !

This is the exact same issue that we had with Gen 4, and the reason that we upgraded to Gen 5. I guess that we will be able to stream Netflix [ in SD ] in the 1am to 6am time frame. We were sold a bill of Bull !!! I have no doubt that our system is being throttled even with around half of our data remaining.


They certainly are not throttling users when they have data remaining, however, they are aware of issues that some Gen5 customers are having, and engineering is working on fixing this so it doesn't happen again a few months later.

HOWEVER, if you are having issues and would like to actually try and troubleshoot, please start a new topic and follow the directions below, while making sure you read the guide...

Create a account and perform 3-5 tests during different parts of the day. Then share the account results link with us here.

Please keep in mind that Hughesnet will only accept and the official Hughesnet speed test results. Tests from other sites like are not accepted due to the compression technologies and latency that satellite deploys.

Most important points to remember during this test:
-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem with a LAN cable (NO third party Router or Wireless devices can be used)
-use the 12MB size download test file ONLY if on Gen4 Service Plan
-use the 25MB size download test file ONLY if on Gen5 Service Plan

-If testing upload instead of download, you must use a 4MB size upload test file
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart
-post your results URL, it may look something like

For a more in depth guide on running the tests, please visit:

The Reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM Eastern. They will be the ones to address your speed issues, but they will need these tests to do so.

Trust me, what you are seeing is not the norm, and they are not singling you nor a handful of users out just for kicks.  Below is what I personally have seen over the last week or so.

24 hour averages24 hour averages00002.PNG

Same here.   Not over my data and speed is slow.  HughesNet misrepresented themselves.

I'm having the exact same problem.   Can't even Skype with my kids or grandkids....keeps freezing and what grandma doesn't want to see their grandkids.  Tried to upload a photo to Shutterfly and it took 30 minutes.  I paid for High Speed Internet not Turtle speed.  My DSL and dial up was faster....Help.

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understand your disappointment I get 0.49 and 1.47 on the new gen 5 then cant get through to get help because they don't have a ht2000w modem on their list **bleep** they only go to windows 7 for os what are we paying for

I spoke with someone [ not on this contenent ] the other day about slow Gen 5 speeds. They were obviously reading from a question and answer list. After I had answered all of their redundant questions, I was told that I had to run a speed test on Why??????? I had already run many speed tests on the website. These tests have confirmed what everyone already knows ! It is almost impossible to stream Netflix or any type of a movie app, in the evening hours without buffering. Even in the morning hours you can perform a speed test and get 20mbps one minute, and .08 mbps 5 minutes later. The women said that a Rep. would be contacting me. Fat chance of that happening. This is the same run around that we got with Gen 4, and the reason that we upgraded to Gen 5. There is nothing wrong with our dish alignment, router,modem,settings,wiring, firestick, or anything else on our side of the system !!! Hughesnet claims of faster speed and reliability for Gen 5 are simply not true.

No Rep will be calling me.

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If you'd like help with your issues, running multiple speed tests on is necessary.  As for Gen 5 and streaming, it works just fine for most people - if it doesn't for you, then there may be an issue with your setup, and to figure out what's going on, you may want to run multiple tests on and post the results here to be evaluated.  

Thanks for the attempt to help, but you obviously did not read my last post in depth. All of these hoops have jumped through previously. It is what it is. A very poor system ! I am trying to decide if I should simply cancel or seek litigation. I'm done !!!!!

@youngblood48you seem to have failed to read what has been stated, if you want to start a case, I strongly urge you to create a new topic, and perform basic troubleshooting, as well as provide any case numbers you have. This is a different channel of support, headed and controlled by Corporate Represenatives and Executive Customer Care, they will go above and beyond in helping you, but you must follow proper procedures.  If you have in fact done tests using the Hughesnet Speedtest, then what's stopping you from clicking a single button, and stating what you have done and what is happening? 

Also, litigation will fail, you are bound by arbitration as is stated in your contract.


If you don't want to perform the standard testing that I posted a short bit ago, then there's nothing we can do for you here, and no way official reps can escalate your case to engineering.  However, I strongly urge you to create a new topic, and perform the necessary steps to begin troubleshooting.

HughesNet Engineers MUST RESPOND TO THIS THREAD NOW with a work around or an update AND A TIMEFRAME! I'm cancelling my HughesNet service on Monday if I don't see a response here from HUGHESNET. Yelp'ing HughesNet in my local is all ONE STAR. 


It's pretty clear to me what the problem is: HughesNet has oversold the capacity of the new Jupiter satellite, so, when subscribers are home from work and not asleep yet, the bandwidth from the satelite can't keep up and grinds down to an unusable trickle.


So EchoStar's priority is not customer value, it's recovering the capital expenditure of their satellite. Shortsell Echostar stock if you have it - as soon as this situation hits the business press, their stock price is going to fall back to Earth like the heap of junk that's in the sky for the moment.


I welcome HughesNet engineers to provide a solution NOW and prove me wrong! 

PS - I mean an ENGINEER who develops software, firmware or hardware - NOT an instructor who is just getting us to jump through the 6 hours of hoops that we've already jumped through with Customer "Care". Denying this problem is analogous to denying climate change: it's real, look at the posts, customer care logs and the Web. Speaking for myself, I will NOT RUN ANY MORE TESTS TO HELP ECHOSTAR DEBUG ITS OWN PRODUCT.

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First, it's not a great idea to post on the Community with demands.  


Secondly, the ES19 is NOT oversold and won't even be anywhere near capacity for a long time.  Assumptions are just that, assumptions.  Assumptions aren't facts.  At one time it was "pretty clear" to people that the earth was flat, too.  Guess what....


I would suggest you start your own thread to receive help, as one person's issue is often completely unrelated to someone else's, but I don't think you would bother.   

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Hughes over-sold Gen 5, period!   I begged them to let me go back to Gen 4, they said No.  So, now I have a lousy system that allows me to watch a Youtube documentary at 144 speed or 240 speed only mid morning or mid afternoons, period.

I will quit this dishonest company, go to my public library which has excellent 24/7 Wifi.

I too have extremely slow speeds at night. About a month ago I called tech support every night for about three weeks. My speeds were in the 200-300 Kbps range. Hard to even open a web page. After a bit it got better however for the last three days the problem has returned. Spent a lot of time on the phone the last two nights with tech guys again and no help. After awhile you get frustrated and angry. Paying good money for gen 5 and getting dial up speed. Plus having to spend hours talking to tech support. Those may be fine people but I don't know them and don't want to spend hours on the phone with them. Last night one asked if I had hughes phone service. I had to tell them that at the speed I was getting I wouldn't be able to talk to him if I had that. Then they start asking about my laptop or pc. It's the same equipment I use during the day when I get good speed. Wonder why all my tvs and iPhones go bad after dark? It's daytime now so I can at least write this. Not sure what the answer is however this problem can't continue.
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@ckelly, I think you've come to the right place for answers, and this will be a lot less frustrating than being on the phone all the time.  Please keep in mind that this is primarily a peer-to-peer site, which means other customers (many of them with years of experience) will be helping you.  There are administrators here too (the word MOD is next to their name) who work at Hughes and can work on issues the community can't resolve. The mods will be back on Monday.  In the meantime, you may be asked to run some tests and post them here, so people can begin troubleshooting your issues. 

Not sure if there's any help. I was referred to advanced tech support last night and they were supposed to call me back. So far nothing. This morning I was getting download speed of 13.6 Mbps now it's 4 pm and speed is down to 1.8 Mbps. In a couple of hours it'll get so slow I won't be able to get to to check speed. I tried to upload a picture to an eBay auction last night and it took 5 tries and 45 minutes. Picture was small. Earlier in the day I put two pictures on same page in seconds.