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Gen5: Is it really better?

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Robert Hoffman

Gen5: Is it really better?

 Happy Thanksgiving to all.


We have had HughesNet for over 12 years now and overall have been very happy ....  while waiting for cable to come down our road, lol.  We currently have Gen4 10GB plan and in the past year or so have been running out of data the last 10 days of every month.  No problems, SmartBrowsing takes over and we are happy with that.  I just wish we didn't have to watch what we are doing online so closely. 


Anyway, Spectrum was supposed to come down our road 6 months ago.  Now they are saying 2 years from now, which to me means maybe never.  So, the question is, do we stay with Gen4 and upgrade our data?  We have never had any problems with Gen4 since it was installed. Or, do we go with Gen5 and get stuck with another 2 year contract, which if Spectrum does come down the road we would be stuck paying for the rest of the contract?


I have heard reading these boards that some people love Gen5 and some have problems. We have checked with Verizon and while some here have been able to get a wifi booster from them, our location prevents that option. 


What would you do?