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Gmail and Google Search Problems

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Gmail and Google Search Problems

I am suddenly unable to access my gmail or do any google searches on the Chrome browser.  I can access any other website like Facebook, YouTube, etc.  If I connect to the internet on the same computer using my phone as a hotspot versus connecting with Hughesnet, I have no issues at all.  Can access gmail and search functions just fine.  Seems like this is a Hughesnet issue since other connections don't present the same problem.  

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I don't know for sure that this will help, but if it's a Windows based computer, try flushing your DNS cache.  To do so, first close all open browser windows, and then open your Command prompt and type "ipconfig /flushdns", without the quotes, and hit enter.  There is a space between the g and the /.  It should give you a confirmation that the cache has been successfully flushed.  Then try the sites again.  


If this doesn't help, you could try changing the DNS server you use to something other than HughesNet's.  This site explains how to do it on a Windows PC.  I use Google's, and it works well.  


If you want to use Google's, for IPv4 use...



For IPv6 use...





And, after you change the DNS settings, it's a good idea to run the DNS flush, like above, to clear out the old DNS entries. 


Hope this helps.  🙂  

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Thanks GabeU.   I tried both of your suggestions to no avail.  It's almost 4am and it's time to give it up tonight, I guess.  I get much faster service with my phone than I do with HughesNet anyway.  I've put a request in with another internet provider.  Between slow service and horrible customer service I'm just done with HN.

Hello Karen,


At this time some HughesNet customers are unable to access the web or certain websites due to an issue with a network provider that carries a portion of our Internet traffic to our satellite gateways. Our engineers are monitoring our network and working closely with the provider to return service to normal as quickly as possible. For the latest updates, visit - you will see any new updates posted on the right hand side of the page (bottom of page for mobile versions).