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Good speeds but can't watch 480p

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Good speeds but can't watch 480p

I have tested my speeds with several times always anywhere from 27 to 41mbps and I can't even watch 480p video with out several buffing moments while trying to watch. I have tried both both Ethernet and wireless, and only one time during the day did I have success of watching a 30 minute documentary with out any buffering, the router is about 2 foot away from the TV, I'm besides myself trying to figure out have I have this issue with good download speeds and suggestions would be awesome

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You can try turning off (or snoozing) the Video Data Saver, but it may not make much of a difference with a 480p video.  


Unfortunately, even when there is adequate speed, the combination of system congestion and the high latency inherent to geostationary satellite internet can cause problems with streaming, including YouTube.

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