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HN is nothing like the sales people promised.

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HN is nothing like the sales people promised.

They claimed 25 mbps.  I’ve never come even close to that.  Can barely watch a YouTube video, without constant interruption.  I’m afraid to try a movie.

How do I get out of this. 
At 6 am ET today, I had 1.34mbps download speed.  
This is nonsense. 
looks like HN way oversold their satellite’s ability to deliver.  
was much better off with my local phone company, but HN promised to be better.  🙄


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If you feel you were misled by a sales agent, and if your account is less than 6 months old, the reps on this site can pull that sales call and listen to what the agent said to you. If they find that you were misled, you may have recourse. To get the call review, all you need to do is create a new post asking for the review.

The company does not make any promises of speed, and in fact, there are disclaimers in everything (website, subscriber agreement, ads) that say that speeds are up to 25 Mbps, and that speeds and performance are not guaranteed. While the technology is designed for the current definition of broadband (25 Mbps down/3 Mbps up), that may not always happen -- speeds can be lower, or in many cases, higher.

If you would like the reps on this site to check your speed issues, the first thing to do is to follow the troubleshooting protocol detailed here:

The agents asked what I used the Internet for and I described it as streaming YouTube and some movies and sports.  They said this would work fine for that.  Repeatedly Described as “high speed Internet “.  So you’re saying it can be 1 mbps download and you’re covered 🙄?
you can put fine print disclaimers in there and hide behind them, but, from what I can tell, HN has signed on several times more subscribers than the satellite can properly service.  
where do I apply for termination?   
can’t even watch a you tube video without long interruptions.  Usually just say the **bleep** with it and sign out.

Let me know how to terminate this nonsense.  I’m fed up. 

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The only way to cancel is by calling 866-347-3292, and you will have to pay an early termination fee. It would be beneficial to you to request a sales call review and/or to run the troubleshooting protocol for speed issues. Declining those things means the early termination fee will be valid -- if you, on the other hand, work with the reps here to figure out what may be wrong with your system, they will be happy to work with you regarding termination.

I read the info on speed. Apparently they don’t accept the speed measurements by any of the other accepted programs.  Just with a cable? And sitting around to get readings throughout the day?   I’m not sure I  know how to do that.  But the speed readings I get from the app show that they’re super slooow .  
And I can certainly tell that the system doesn’t deliver the service they claimed it would.  Do the subscribers have to wait for a certain time to stream a movie or watch a video?  
Can you tell me specifically where to send a review request on here.  Account? Billing? Etc.  And the specific wording?  
Have had HN a little over a month and haven’t been able to do much more than e-mail and web browsing.  
It seems this is a common complaint among new users.  
if the rep hadn’t assured me this would serve the specific uses I described I certainly would not have subscribed.   
thanks for your help.  

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To ask for a sales call review, go to myAccount and Billing and start a new topic by clicking the blue button labeled "Start a topic."  Title it something like "Request for sales call review," and then give a short explanation of the issue, which would be basically what you have already said about what you told them you wanted to do with the subscription and how the sales rep told you that the subscription would be enough for that, and explain the issues you're experiencing.  One of the HughesNet reps on this site will get back to you and they will pull the call, review it, and get back to you with next steps.  In the past it's taken around 7 business days for the review, but sometimes it can be much faster. 

As for the speed tests, yes, they are very specific and with a very specific tool, as that tool is the only one that provides the techs that review the tests with the information they need to dig into what may be the problem. And yes, it has to be while connected via a cable; that way they isolate the modem from the wifi to determine which might be the issue. There is a lot more info that that specific testing tool gives them that the others don't, which is why they require it. 

Best wishes to you; I hope things get resolved to your satisfaction. 

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@Brayhaven wrote:

I read the info on speed. Apparently they don’t accept the speed measurements by any of the other accepted programs.  Just with a cable? And sitting around to get readings throughout the day?   I’m not sure I  know how to do that.

- Requesting that all testing is done at ensures uniformity.  Also, testmy's results give the reps some info that other tests don't, and info that can help them to determine the cause of a problem.

- Testing a few different times a day is ideal, but the reps are fully aware that many people simply aren't able to do this, so just test when you can, but make sure that when you do you run at least three tests, and spaced at least five minutes apart.


You can also perform automatic testing at testmy, meaning you can start it and walk away, not having to manually run each test. 


To do so... After signing into your testmy account, click on Automatic Testing on the main page.  Then set the options page as follows...


Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 4.12.18 PM.png  


Combined, 5 Minutes, 5x, 25MB, 4Mb and No Forward checked.  Then click 'Start Automatic Test', and it will run the Download and Upload tests for you.  Just don't close the browser page, as it will stop the testing.  Then, after all of the tests have completed, which will likely take somewhere between twenty and thirty minutes, you can post your 'My Results' page URL into a reply so the results can be viewed.  


- Testing with a device that is connected to the HughesNet modem via LAN cable ensures a solid, direct connection and eliminates any possible WiFi issues that can negatively affect speed.


Edit:  Testmy also doesn't trigger the Video Data Saver to kick in, which some tests do.  Netflix's test is one of them, as can be seen here.

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Don’t think I have a cable that will connect my iPad to the hughes unit?

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Do you have a laptop or desktop computer?

I use an iPad. 
Got on and it showed 29mbps.  Checked with my Speedcheck app which showed .71.  
Tried to stream a small YouTube video which froze up immediately.  
that shows the down load capability is more accurately portrayed by the speed check app. As least as far as usable internet download capability.

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Try turning off or snoozing Video Data Saver to see if it makes any difference, especially if you're trying to stream in HD.  


Keep in mind, however, that the combination of system congestion and the high latency inherent to geostationary satellite internet can cause buffering issues with streaming, especially at higher resolutions.

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Where do I find video data saver? 
and by “buffering” I assume you mean freezing and waiting for awhile to start up again.. if it ever gets around to it.

no one in sales mentioned any of that when I told them what I needed.
In looking around, it seems they’ve grossly oversold the capability of the satellite.  

no one in sales ever mentioned any of that.  Just told me it would work fine for what I needed, streaming videos, sports & movies. 

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You can find information on the Video Data Saver in the link in my post.

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Ok, I turned the video data saver on in the ap.  It seems to help.  
I’ll try it for awhile & see if it’s any better.

would like to make this work as it’s a little cheaper than my old service.

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I hope this works for you.  Keep in mind that during prime time, when everyone and their brother are trying to do data-intensive stuff such as streaming, you may see a degradation in the quality.  

What service did you have before, and is that still available to you?

I had windstream DSL.  And it’s still available for me. 

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Well, if all else fails, it's good that you have an available alternative. 


@Brayhaven wrote:

I had windstream DSL.  And it’s still available for me. 


That’s a fact.  
thanks for the help. 

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same here, fn hn is slow as **bleep**! i had to reconnect using hard wire versus wireless. it has helped somewhat while streaming tv like apple plus, disney plus, but terrible with hulu. another thing, don't even try watching fn youtube app. constant buffering and internet connection dropped. I'll give this hn one month and if i don't see any improvement, F the service and its slow internet speeds. 


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This is a tech and account support site, not a review site. If you would like tech or account support, please start a new ticket and explain the issues you'd like the reps on this site to look into. If you'd like to review the service, please find one of the many sites on the Web that are for that purpose and post there.