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HN9000 pointing issues

New Member

HN9000 pointing issues

I'm having issues with dish alignment. After course peaking (which has only a SQF of 127) and capturing squint values ( these values are low as well but still passes on DAPT) the modem will reboot and telling me software download is complete but at the bottom of page it gives me a state code 15. Probing issue. I know the SQF should be much higher but I cannot achieve anything higher. Squint values AZ 1 and 2 are roughly 34. EL 1 and 2 are roughly 37 and both pass on the DAPT. Any suggestions? GPS data taken from my vehicle.

Re: HN9000 pointing issues

Good morning Scott,

Thanks for posting. We want to address your concerns, so please post a case number or the serial number located on the bottom of your modem so we can pull up your account and run some diagnostics. This way, we can send a tech if a realignment is needed.

Looking forward to hearing back.

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