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HP MediaSmart Server

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HP MediaSmart Server

I'm running Win 8.1 Professional on my HP laptop.  I have the latest high speed HughesNet service with the combo modem/router.  My laptop, Grace internet radio, Apple I-Pad and Android cell-phone all communicate with the internet via WiFi.  The only device hard-wired to the router is my HP MediaSmart Server.

The server is used as a mass storage device for laptop backups, Quicken backups, etc.

If the server is powered on I am unable to get most ineternet sites.,  i cannot get into my bank, can't get my gmail, cannot connect to almost all urls.  In fact, the only sites I can successfully connect to every time are FaceBook and
If I power the server down, the problem disappears and I can connect to all internet urls that I need.  
Any suggestions as to how I can use my server and the internet simultaneously?

Associate Professor

Re: HP MediaSmart Server

What OS is the server running...?  Make sure it's not acting like a DHCP server and trying to give out addresses, also make sure you don't have the NIC statically assigned an address.