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HT2000 modem wifi vs conventional router


HT2000 modem wifi vs conventional router

Would it be advantageous to use the HT2000 wireless in conjunction with my regular Trendnet AC3200 tri-band router?  Inotherwords, define my ssid and password to the HT2000.

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Re: HT2000 modem wifi vs conventional router

The best way to do this is as follows....

1: Make sure your conventional router is placed far enough away that it's wifi radio wont interfear with the HT2000w, but also help eliminate deadspots.

2: Set the Wifi Channel for both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands on BOTH routers to different channels.  You don't want communication conflicts, and this will help.  So for instance on one device, go from Auto to channel 4, and on the other go to channel 8.

3: Disable DHCP on your conventional router

4: When hooking the router up, make sure you connect a LAN port instead of the WAN port to your HT2000w, however, if your router has an "Access Point" mode, it may have a different setup.

5: Make sure you have matching SSID and passwords on both units.

6: Not all devices will hop from one to the other automatically, but most SHOULD.

7: The only purpose to doing this, is to extend your network, but requires the use of a network cable to do so, if you don't have a network cable to use in the area where you have a dead-zone, then a Wifi Extender placed at the edge of your coverage area inside the house would be a better choice.