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HT2000W IPv6 inbound services

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Re: HT2000W IPv6 inbound services

I was just researching the same problem as everyone else and had a thought of why the network IDs might be switching...

I have been noticing that location services on my devices (like for weather) have been switching locations fairly often, used to be Germantown a lot but I have been seeing Texas and a few other states lately (usually very far from me, but that is a different issue). This leads me to believe that the satellite may be handing off to different NOCs, if that is the case the network ID could change at the same time.

This is just my theory based on me observations. It doesn't really help anything but may be an explanation.

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Re: HT2000W IPv6 inbound services



You location constantly changing is due to HughesNet using shared, rather than static, IPs, and those IPs changing on a regular basis.  Because the IPs used have different registration locations, your device location services will change accordingly.  


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