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Had 5 modems installed, still no connectivity.

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Had 5 modems installed, still no connectivity.

have had 5 modems installled and 2 radio receivers installed and cannot get wifi to hold internet connection. Already proved not my laptop as it works on wireless everywhere else and my phone does not have connectivity here either. The serial number on my modem does not match serial number that is showing up in the system control center. This has been going on ever since my new equipment was installed in June. Hughes net text support has confirmed everything should be operational on their side. Hughes is saying there is some sort of communication error happening.

Associate Professor

Re: Had 5 modems installed, still no connectivity.

When connecting to the HT2000w Wifi, which network are you trying to connect to specifically?  The 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz one?

Can you see the network?
Does it ever connect, and if it does, how long does the connection last?
How far from the HT2000w are you?
Where precisely is the HT2000w located?  If on the floor, you may need to move it up onto a desk.

Also, can you list/detail the models of wireless devices you are trying to connect with?  In the case of a laptop, please be very specific, the exact model number is usually located on the bottom of a laptop.