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Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

FIA Ranch
New Member

Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

Yup... made it a month sitting here with a "level 4" tech support case, and no resolution.  And the poor folk sitting in the call center have no escalation process.  They have no choice (according to them) other than send an email to "engineering", and just sit and wait until engineering responds. 

So if there is some rep here that can call the breakroom and tell engineering to put their coffee down for a bit, they have a case waiting, it would be appreciated!!

Oh, and there is another case developing.  Waiting on a call from "advanced tech support", because the only way I can get into this board is to disable turbo page.  Otherwise, get 'failed to connect to web server'.  So there is a turbo page server issue somewhere also.  I am betting a buck right now, that the first thing that is going to be said when/if advanced tech support calls me, is going to be power cycle the modem.  Takers?

Having spent 30+ years, working in, consulting with, and teaching college level telecommunications, including satellite, I can not recall ever dealing with a more dysfunctional organization.

Now here is some great service!... Can almost check email at times........

Oh, but, but, but.. wait... that is old data!....

Oh, okay...... this is a little fresher.......

Amazingly poor customer service..... SMH..........

Re: Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

Hi FIA Ranch... Did you run those tests with your TurboPage still disabled? I see in your modem it's showing disabled... You will get very poor speeds if it isn't on. If I recall, our support from Facebook recommended to disable and then re-enable your TurboPage  (the separate options, not the reset option) to see if that resolved your issue of not being able to access and

Unfortunately we have to wait for engineering on some things too.. Just something we've run into since we're launching a new satellite into space before the end of the year and a bit tight on engineers who can be pulled away from their regular work to do individual customer case work. 

In speaking with Miles from Facebook, he actually sent a note over to one of our engineers for your current system (HN9000 on Spaceway) who can probably help us and may be able to get a gateway change approved. They are not particular on doing gateway changes as all our gateways are already balanced out for efficiency and performance, so offsetting loads isn't ideal for anyone. It's what I call a "cheap fix". If there is an issue that is resolved by changing the gateway, then there is something misconfigured on the gateway that needs to be fixed, but should not be looked at as a permanent solution to anything.

If the first thing our Advanced Tech Support does is tell you to powercycle your modem for an unresolved, escalated engineering case without proper reason, please let me know and I will definitely have that agent pulled out.

FIA Ranch
New Member

Re: Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

I went through the process of Disable/Enable rather than Reset TurboPage.  No change.  I can only access the internal sites, including this one, with it disabled.

Those tests this AM were with Turbo Page enabled.

Regardless of those tests this AM, a valid statistical sample requires a minimum of 21 data points.

I currently have 510 data points encompassing test times from early AM to late PM.
Avg download 2.02m
Avg upload 285k
Fastest download 5.8m
Slowest download 69k
Fastest upload 689k
Slowest upload 0-test failed to complete, next slowest 13k

So, if the tech support statement that was made to me is accurate, that Hughesnet considers an average of 3m down and 600k up as satisfactory service, they are failing on both ends.  By 30% on download speed, and over 50% on upload speed.

Regarding the gateway change..... when this whole 'level 4' case started a month ago, I was on a different gateway than currently.  So somewhere between then and now, coincidence or not, the gateway was changed to the current one.  That change had no affect on the root speed issue. 

Prior to that change, I was running speed tests through both the dashboard and through  After the gateway change, couldn't access the dashboard (until this disable TurboPage solution this AM), so all tests were run on the other site.

The last tests on the dashboard were 9/27.  I'll bet another buck that the gateway change from former to current took place the same date plus or minus.

So............ I do not believe a gateway change is going to fix the fundamental speed issue.  The gateway change that took place did not.  It probably would fix the access issue.

Therefore we are at the root issue which is (primarily) an upload speed issue.

Unless I "catch it" when it is in the 400-600k range, file uploads time out (doesn't matter the site, mine or others), DirectTV will not set up a download connection (says to reconnect the internet).

Whether launching satellites, building bridges, or flippin' burgers,  IMHO insufficient staffing is a weak excuse for poor service.

FIA Ranch
New Member

Re: Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

Holy crap Batman!!  I got all excited last night!  Thought I set a new record low for download speed at 79k.  But alas, I only got a second place finish.  10/01/16 still holds the record at 69k.  But I will keep tryin'.  Dont give up!  Record is in sight!

FIA Ranch
New Member

Re: Happy Anniversary - NOT !!

Credit where credit is due.  Hughes has corrected the access issue to the internal Hughes web pages, including this one.

Thanks Amanda & William.

Now go forth and create speed!   Smiley Surprised)