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Help with how email (Hughes email) looks/works.

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Help with how email (Hughes email) looks/works.

We're new Hughes satellite internet subscribers and so just opened a email.  However, there are problems with the email page...

1. Ads are appearing!  (See jpg)  Why would we get ads, especially since we're paying customers?  And how do we get rid of them?

2. If I use an ad blocker, the ads are gone, but the space where they would be is still not free, which means that the only way to see the folder list is to shrink the text size down to 50%.  My old eyes can't handle such tiny text!  (See jpg)

(Here are the two jpgs.)

HughesNet eml page 2017-06-28_2-30-54.jpgHughesNet eml page 2017-06-28_2-37-05.png












Looking forward to help; thanks!


Just checking in -- any help with this for me "out there"?  Thanks!

Almost hate to bring it up, but have you tried using an email client instead of the web interface?


Pretty sure you could set up a standard POP account using your full email address (e.g., as the user name with your password and the following server names:


* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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I don't know if this will help, at least with regard to the text size when the ads are gone, but you could install an adblocker. 


I use Adblock Plus (with Chrome) and I see no ads when viewing the mail at Hughesnet's site.  I turned the adblocker off and the ads were there.  Turned it back on and they were gone again.  So, an adblocker will get rid of them.  


If you use Chrome, Firefox, IE or Edge, Adblock Plus should get rid of the ads for you.  Just make sure to go into Adblock Plus' settings and uncheck "allow some non-intrusive advertising."  Also, if given the option, the most common filter list used with Adblock Plus is the "Easy List"  (it normally comes with this list preinstalled).  Just make sure this is checked so it is enabled.  I'll post a pic of the settings below that you should use.  Again, I use Chrome, so it may look a little different in another browser.   


Edit:  An adblocker will also save you some data, as no data will be used for the ads that will no longer pop up on almost every site you visit.




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There are two ways to access your email.


One, your present method, is via webmail ... this is done by using a web browser to "visit" the mail server.

Doing so has some drawbacks ... the viewing options are limited and divided into two areas, the interface itself and your browser settings and then there are the Ads (if not blocked) that are a fact in all browser based activities.


The second method is to use a email client program that will access the server on your behalf and then organize, filter and display your emails according to the settings and options you have chosen.


Your present method (webmail) is a lot like going to the Post Office and picking up your mail from a PO Box whereas the second (email client program) is more akin to Home Delivery with options.


There are a number of email client programs available, some free, some paid.

I seldom use web access opting instead to use Thunderbird (free) (made by Mozilla, makers of Firefox web browser)


Thunderbird can be found here:


Thunderbird had one irritating thing for me, it automatically incremented and opened the next message .. something I didn't want. There is a add-on that prevents that called "Deselect on Delete":

Thunderbird 4.PNG




There are options that allow you to change font and size to suit your needs without altering browser settings:


Thunderbird 3.PNG



The main user interface looks like this:

Thunderbird 1.PNG


It will collect email from multiple addresses and display each account with its own Inbox, Spam and Trash as well as customizable subfolders that you can add.

The Inbox pane is at the top, the currenlty selected message is displayed in a pane below but this can also be changed to suit user preference.

If that display is not large enough you can double click on a message and it will open in its own window:


Thunderbird 2.PNG








Thanks everyone for all your advice/info/images!  

I still don't think it's right for there to be ads in my paid-for email program.  (They are not the ads one sees while browsing any given website; they are ads inside my HughesNet email interface.) Since I pay for Hughes, one would think that ads would not be part of their 'service'.  But maybe they're treating the ads in the same way TV stations treat commercials--just the nature of the beast.  Even so, Huges is the first ISP/email provider that has included ads in their email interace.  (I've had about 5 ISP providers thus far and they've all been ad-free (their email interfaces have all been ad-free.)

Anyway, now I know that Hughes includes e-commercials within their email interface.

BTW, I do use an ad blocker, so those ads don't appear; howerver the space where the ads would be is still not free space (it's just empty, useless white space), hence the fact that my folders (in the side colum) cannot be seen.

I changed the font size, so the email list looks a bit better.

Hughes 2017-07-19_17-24-29.jpg

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Oops.  That's my bad.  You clearly stated that you use an adblocker and that it still didn't solve the problem due to the small writing. 


Maybe I need a bigger font!  LOL.   

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