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Horrible Customer Service

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Horrible Customer Service

Have not had internet for over 3 weeks.  Finally had the opportunity to call them to see what the problem was.  Was on the first call for 24 minutes, did all the leg work, I.e. what lights are on the router, any obstructions, etc.  The guy had no clue what was wrong, kept putting me on hold and eventually he disconnected the call.  I immediately called back and of course I got another rep.  Went through the same list of items, placed on hold for 27 minutes and of course the call was disconnected.  I pay $80.00 a month for a service I can't use and when I call, it is a train wreck trying to get help.  I'm sure someone else has experienced this type of service so I'm looking for suggestions on how to get help.  I will call them back one more time, if my problem is not resolved the next call will be to disconnect my service.  I love county living but hate the lack of options for internet.  

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

That's very frustrating.  I suggest you hang out here and give the reps on this site a chance to check your account and whatever notes the phone reps may have entered there.  They're very helpful and they will get to the bottom of this. 


Re: Horrible Customer Service



I see it's your first post here. Welcome to the Community! I was unable to find the account attached to your community profile, so when you have the opportunity, please send a PM to this link with your account number or a phone number attached. This will help us take a look into what's going on, and hopefully we can find a quick resolution for you!