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Horrible Download speeds

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Horrible Download speeds

Today I signed up for Norton that is offered by Hughesnet. When I attempted to download the install files, which by the way is only a 3.5mb file, it took over an hour to download 0.4mb then timed out with a network error. I attempted it 3 other times. Then I called tech support and told them about it. What they said was "oh your download speed is just fine". I don't think so. It shouldn't take over an hour to download 0.4mb of 3.5mb file and then time out. I used to work in IT for a living and know networking and if I told my customers that their download speed was just fine after them waiting for over an hour I would be fired. I understand latency and all of that. Even the tech mention that it wasn't right but didn't have a clue. He also mentioned that the router's temp was way over what it should be even though it's sitting on a table out in the open in a spare room 6 feet from my laptop. Needless to say I'm not at all impressed with Hughesnet's "high speed internet". If this is what they refer to as high speed I wonder what a sllow internet speed is. I would like to have a tech come out to check the alignment of the dish to the satellite and to replace the router

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Re: Horrible Download speeds



They'll only send a tech out if it's deemed necessary, which they often determine by running remote diagnostics on the HughesNet equipment.


If you run into this problem again, try power cycling your HughesNet modem. To do so, unplug the modem, wait for at least a minute, then plug it back in.  Then wait for at least five minutes, which gives the modem time to be fully up to date and ready, and try your activity again.  


With this said, though a download certainly should not be THAT slow, the speed of a download won't always necessarily be at or near service speed at the given time.  IOW, the download speed of a file and the result of a speed test often don't match, though the file download speed can vary from source to source.  Both the high latency inherent to satellite internet and system congestion often cause the downloads to be slower than what they could be.   Again, though, nowhere near THAT slow.  


The reps are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They'll likely reply within a day concerning your modem, dish alignment and speed concerns.

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Re: Horrible Download speeds



Thank you for reaching out to us again and I apologize for the delay in response. It appears you called in recently to have this issue addressed. I do see our representatives were able to resolve this for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please update me. 



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Re: Horrible Download speeds

We have had horrible download speeds almost since we first got the service.   Techs on the phone say according to their information - our system is fine.   We've had techs come to the house numerous times.  Often they just use their Ipad and tell us everything is ok.  We can stand in front of them and show them how slow our wifi is but they just keep saying nothing is wrong.   Twice now they said we needed a new modem - never made a difference.  We have been told by Hughes net people we cannot use Alexis with HughesNet, we cannot use Safari with HughesNet,, we cannot use a Mac computer with HughesNet.   Always get excuses but nothing done to improve speed.   Talked to the last person for almost 2 hours.  He scheduled a tech to come out to replace something on the dish.   Man showed up 4 days early (in a car).  He just used his Ipad and said we were getting the best service we were ever going to have.   Thinking about switching to ViaSat but they want a 2 year contract with NO guarantee their system will be any better.

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Re: Horrible Download speeds

Chris, this is tech support site, not a site to review your experience with HN or post complaints without evidence.


This site works on a ticket system, so if you're looking for tech support, you should start your own ticket by going to the Tech Support page and clicking on "Start a topic."


To have speed issues addressed on this site, you will need to follow the requirements listed here:


Alexa does not work well with satellite internet, no matter what provider you have. Mac computers and the Safari browser work fine.


If they tell you the system is fine, then it is because it is fine. The ISP's responsibility ends at the modem. If you're having issues, it may be because of problems on your side (devices, software), and it may also be due to latency, congestion, and issues with specific websites.


If you would like help on this community, you will need to provide specific details as to your expectations, what you're trying to do when you encounter problems, etc. If you are expecting to use the system for streaming, you may need to consider a different ISP, as satellite is not ideal for that.


If you need to cancel your account, you will need to call the customer service number, as that's the only way to cancel. Be aware you may need to pay a penalty if you're still under contract.