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Horrible Speeds V2


Horrible Speeds V2

I previously had another thread open, but due to work constraints I was away during the expected response time.


"Back again after 6-10 months of decent service to complain once again that the internet hasn't been right for a week or so. I hoped it was just another rough week, but it's gotten to the point that it took nearly 30 minutes of clicking reload just to get on the hughesnet page. Constantly getting timed out in other sites as well. 


Currenty am under FAP mode, but their is no reason i should be getting in the double digit speeds for kbps. My last test i ran during this was aroun 70kbps. And it definetly bottoms lower than that as I've investigated with glasswire."


To respond to @Damian 


The router is not the problem, i've done this several times in the past with tech support and the router is never the issue. So before I spend 30 minutes unhooking everything, then having to re-hook things back up; I'll just explain that. 


It fluctuates rapidly, and I'm currently no longer in FAP mode and i still get horrid speeds compaired to what I'm suppose to. One second it'll tell me I have 4 hours left on a 50mb download then it shoots down to 5 mins. Then back up to 4 hours. 




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Re: Horrible Speeds V2



Though it's always possible that Damian may be on during the weekend, chances are he won''t be back until Monday.  And though I have no doubt it's a pain, unless there is an equipment issue, he'll likely need some speed test results, and directly connected to the modem (no WiFi).


Speeds when downloading/transferring files isn't always indicative of the present speed of the service.  There can be times where I am downloading large files and the speed of the transfer is absolutely awful, yet my service speed is great.  


I'm only letting you know what he may very well need.  

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Re: Horrible Speeds V2

Hello @Jonbarnette,


Thank you for contacting us again. I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue. Our engineers have authorized a technician to come out to your location and perform a fix. What I would like to do is send this technician to you free of charge. Scheduling an appointment for a specific day may be difficult depending on the availability of the local technician. Please private message me with days and times that would work best. I will review the schedule based on your answers and present you with the ones that match closest. Also, please provide me with a primary email and the name and phone number of the person most likely to be there for the repair. This person does not have to be yourself but they must be over 18 years old.




Re: Horrible Speeds V2



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you would still like for a technician to come out, please private message with this information