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How can i cancel the service????

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How can i cancel the service????

 I was getting better connection with 3 megs from century link than 15 megs from Hughes. I have been using Hughes for only 2.5 months.
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Re: How can i cancel the service????

 866-347-3292 is the main support number.

You must call to cancel.

There is a Early Termination Fee that applies to users that cancel service after 30 days and before their 24 commitment contract is complete.

The ETF starts at $400.

There is also a Unreturned Equipment Fee if the Modem, Power Brick and the "Radio" (mounted on the end of the dish arm) is not returned.

A prepaid return kit will be sent to you upon your cancelation date.

Have you done any troubleshooting to identify and correct any issues you may feel you have ?

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Re: How can i cancel the service????

Any ground based service will generally be better, even at lower speed, due to the latency inherent with satellite. Especially if doing things that are sensitive to latency (ping).
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Re: How can i cancel the service????

I have been having slow speeds for a month now called service but they have not helped I am thinking about hoping out of the service I have paid my bill every month hughes net have not provided the service promised and I be damned it I pay to get out of this crappy service they can go ahead and sue me. I had excede before and never ever had the issues I have now

Re: How can i cancel the service????

Good morning jerry5366,

Welcome to our community. We feel that Gwalk900's answer to your question is exactly what we would say too. Before you pick up the phone, let us know a bit more about what concerns your having and let us try to help.