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How to track down what is using the data.

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How to track down what is using the data.

I am trying to determine what is using up our montly allottment of data.   I have 1 desktop connected wirelessly, 1 laptop also connected wirelessly, 2 Ipads, 2 Iphones(now set to wifi off) and 1 samsung smart tv connected to the wifi form my Hughesnet modem.  We use plex to stream movies and tv shows form the Desktop to the TV so we are not streaming video content.  We always go through all the data less than halfway through the month, this month no exception, last day of data used over 5 gigs some how.   I know I can download glasswire to the computers but that will not capture the data usage by the other devices.  Is there anything on the modem that can tell which device is using the data?   let alone what app on the device? or should I invest in a wireless router to put inbetween the modem and my devices to be able to track the data better?   Is there a way to set the TV so that it only works on the Intranet and does not go out to the Internet?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

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Unfortunately, other than a 3rd party router that has the ability to monitor data usage by device, which is primarily the more expensive types using 3rd party firmware, like Merlin or DD-WRT, dependent on router brand, there's really no way to monitor the data usage by device.  The modem can tell you what devices are connected to it, or were connected, but are no longer, since the last time the modem was powered, but it can't tell you how much data each device is/was using.  


For the Windows PCs there's the Glasswire you mentioned.  Apple devices have the built in Activity Monitor, and there are also apps for them.  There's no app or anything for the TV, or at least not that I'm aware of. 


If you go the way of the 3rd party router, make sure you do your research to know what a particular router will be capable of, as even if they can use the firmware mentioned, it doesn't necessarily mean they will have all of the capabilities that the firmware can provide.  IOW, as an example, though a particular ASUS router may be capable of using the Merlin firmware, and may be listed as such, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to have the ability to break down the data by device like others may.  Generally, the cheaper it is, the less it will be able to do. 


If people don't reply with their experience with the capabilities of the routers they use, it'd be a good idea to peruse the Merlin or DD-WRT boards, or even join and aks questions.

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