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Hughes Net E-mail Issues using Windows 10

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Hughes Net E-mail Issues using Windows 10

Have been using HN E-mail with no problems on a 10 year old laptop running on Windows 7 Ultimate using the "Advanced (AJAX)" client type under: Preferences/General setup.

Recently purchased an new laptop (2 and 1) that is running on Windows 10. Have experienced a number of problems with HN E-mail. After a lot time and trouble one support resource suggested switching from the "Advance (AJAX)" client type to the "Standard (HTML)" type to resolve one of the issues. That change did resolve that one issue but caused other issues!

Am looking for any help in getting HN E-mail to run properly (as it still does on my old laptop) on my new laptop?

Another problem I'm trying to resolve (that may or may not be related to Windows 10) is that when I try to open and attachment the program will not allow me to "View" or "Open" the attachment without first saving it. The options given are: "Save", "Save As" or "Cancel".

This is a security issue!


Re: Hughes Net E-mail Issues using Windows 10

Hello HN_User-01,


I see you're new here, so welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Please clarify or provide more details about the issue that you are having? Are you receiving any error messages? If so, please provide some images or another means of documentation that can be used to identify the issue. If you're using Windows, try using the Snipping Tool to take screenshots as opposed to the Print Screen button. This site has instructions (scroll down to get to the Snipping Tool portion) For Macs, you can use Command-Shift-4 to take screenshots. Thanks.