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Hughes Net is TERRIBLE!!!! I am constantly being slowed down.

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Hughes Net is TERRIBLE!!!! I am constantly being slowed down.

Hughes Net is TERRIBLE!!!! I pay you to manage my account and have service. I am constantly being slowed down. You can keep your Harry Potter magic tokens and boner bites! Just give me the service I am paying for!!!! And don't expect me to do your job by managing my own account! That is why I'm paying you!!
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Re: Hughes Net is TERRIBLE!!!! I am constantly being slowed down.

And it takes an act of God to talk to someone who A. can be understood in English, and B. someone who is using a phone line that can be heard through!!!!! What a POS company!!!!!

Re: Hughes Net is TERRIBLE!!!! I am constantly being slowed down.

Hi Murraydrohman,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with our service. I was able to pull up your account and I see that you have been having concerns with your data allowance. I also see that you have been with HughesNet for 2 years and currently have the best plan we offer. We do appreciate you as a customer and I am sure that we can help address your concerns with data allowance. Here are some suggestions and our other community members are also good at giving great input on how to use the data allotted to you as efficient as possible. First I'd like to start by asking a few questions:

How many users are in your household?

What is your network set up like? Do you use a router?

Do you have tablets, smartphones, and other devices that you use to connect?

Keep in mind there are countless factors that can use your data:

- more devices are capable of connecting to the internet: phones, tablets, gaming consoles, SmartTVs, and even refrigerators can connect wirelessly to the internet. Keep track of what devices you leave running on Wi-Fi.

- automatic-updates: your computer and any other programs you use will often keep working in the background, even if you're not actively using that program, in order to keep your system/program up-to-date. Anti-virus programs will periodically use your internet connection to check back with their malware database for any updates. You should have an option to turn off auto-updates and/or schedule them for a later time.

- multimedia content: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, news sites, and other websites will contain videos, animated gifs, and sound clips that may start playing as soon as you land on the site. So much content, so easily available almost everywhere on the internet. For starters, try disabling auto-play video on Facebook:

or adjusting your Netflix playback quality to SD:


- more data sources can be found here, as posted by a fellow community member:


The most important tool to download is the Status Meter, available in the Customer Support Center, to help you monitor your data usage:


Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated.I hope this helped. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,