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Hughes Net service is terrible.

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Hughes Net service is terrible.

Hughes Net service is terrible. I have called several times and they always tell me the service is fine but then I run my own speed tests and the services is super slow. We cannot connect mulitplie devices at the same time either. They told me they would upgrade me at no charge and then charged me. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
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Re: Hughes Net service is terrible.

Multiple devices through a wireless router will always reduce overall speed for everyone. How many devices and what are they doing?

Distance from the wireless router will also affect speed.

What is speed when you connect one computer directly to the modem?
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Re: Hughes Net service is terrible.

It would help to know what "system platform" you are on. That is usually defined by modem type: HN7000s, HN9000, HT1000/1100)
Beyond that here are several plan levels per modem type.

Some details would really help including Router type, router basic settings, connection type (wired/wireless).

You do have to understand however that your Hughes connection is "shared" on a couple of levels.

It is shared as traffic on the satellite. It is shared on the "beam" that serves you localized geographical area, it is shared within the Earthside "Gateway" facility that handles the uplink/downlink traffic for your Beam... and finally it is "shared" between the number of computers and devices that are connected to YOUR network at any one time.

The "data pipe" that comes in through your modem is only so big. If only one computer is connected to the modem ... it gets it ALL. If two computers are connected ... the "output" from that modem "pipe" will be split roughly in two .. and so on.

Beyond THAT, routers settings, type of connected devices, operating systems will make a terrific difference.
As we speak Microsoft has mad some major changes in the areas of Win7/8/8.1 and Win10.

Post some details and lets troubleshoot the issue.

Re: Hughes Net service is terrible.

Hi sfinnegan,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Hughes community! I'm sorry to hear this. I pulled up your account and checked on your recent speed test results. The last one you ran was in June of last year. What are you using to test your speeds? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,