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Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

Then I suck at math, ok, so he had been dead for what, 10 years between the time Hughes Aircraft bought M/A-Com Telecommunication and his dead?  Certainly didn't have a hand in this type of infrastructure to be honest.
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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

No, no he didn't, wasn't calling you out only saying he's been dead a long time. In his later years he was also a bit nuts.
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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

There's no correlation between Hughesnet and Howard Hughes..your post is all over the place..Some may view your post as a complaint, vent or whatever..Are you really expecting customers to stay quiet when they have legitimate complaints and concerns about a service that they're paying for each month..Any corporation will have complaints against them Hughesnet is no different.

Every complaint that you see doesn't necessarily translate to customers who aren't 100% knowledgeable about managing their system or who aren't well versed about the ins and outs of high speed satellite internet as a whole (they should have -some- knowledge) but even still that doesn't give you the right or anyone else to dismiss or disrespect any customer based on that reason alone.

It goes beyond being in FAP mode and disappearing data that's just the half of it..The other half is when customers are doubled and tripled billed without any rhyme or reason..when customers are given the run around when deciding to cancel their service..when customers are expected to climb up on top of their roofs to retrieve the radio transmitter in order to ship it back when canceling their service--even though they've never installed it in the first place--that's what Hughesnet installers are for..when customers are told that their personal equipment-- modern computers, tablets and routers are faulty--when in actuality the equipment of Hughesnet can be faulty--modems need to be replaced, cables need to be replaced, dish needs to be realigned, the equipment at the customer's gateway/beam is malfunctioning but somehow all of these problems are the customers fault..alrighty then.

There's little accountability on the part of Hughesnet..until there's more accountability from the corporate level on down and until an official rep/employee makes a statement stating that customers can no longer post legitimate complaints or concerns on this forum the posts that irk you so much will continue.

It'll be interesting to see how they respond to your post come Monday.
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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

Well said
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Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

Hi, all.  Interesting Thread,

I am curious why the "PORN" word is used above.  Read on. 

Martha - I hear you.  But Bill, though he was quite sarcastic to me - thinking I got his helpful replies a month or two ago when I DID NOT, due to some odd problem with this forum software where I NEVER get any replies if I do not go to a lot of effort and search, access through a convoluted link, etc.

Still, Bill has been extremely helpful. I have thanked him and really meant it, for his great helpful knowledgeable posts. links, and insight into the IT world without which I would NEVER been aware of some VERY important up to the minute things.  These facts and articles allow me to quickly and efficiently do all sorts of things better.  (I am NOT an I.T. Professional, although I can generally make my computers do what I want and solve most problems.) Bill has given of himself, his life, and LOTS of his time. Maybe he could learn some gentleness, and i don't like sarcasm as a style either, but can we be more civil, all of us?   

As to porn, I am the only one I have ever seen to post that word.  Why?  I may have had a wonderful wife that dropped dead at age 42 at what we thought was the peak of radiant good health. I may be horny as a 3-horned Billy goat.  But I do not do internet porn. I do NOT want a digital girl, nor a paper girl.  Does that mean I am a prude. I think not.  

What I do object to are sites with the word "porn" and "Sex" in the URL (as reported by Frontier tech - more than once - from my DNS logs which I cannot access).  I have total control of what goes on in my small house and only 2 people use internet. There is no porn.  That's all.  NO Facebook nor Twitter, yet they showed up in DNS log too. WHILE I WAS DISCONNECTED and during definite DDDD (Phantom Usage) periods.  

I have had a case open for basically 6 months (well since August 2015, for the same case number - but the DDDD started in June, is STILL ongoing and is worse than ever.)

I have never been nasty. Been patient.  Well, I did almost lose it this past week when i saw how Hughes says "ALL IS OK ON OUR END" when they were accessing, without any real time info from me, stuff that is proving to be hopelessly in error.   And WE (counting some really helpful Champions here) are working on a nasty unusual technical problem.   Yes, things are in some ways "broken" at Hughes.  But still, I get GREAT usage out of my internet.  That is the bottom line for me.  Even WITH the horror story which I am enduring and which I somewhat mention below.
We will fix the problem. It has taken a while, but with great patience, and yes, some lovingkindness. We now know that the satellite log shows I am CONNECTED when I am NOT.  And unconnected when I AM.  How are the engineers to question every single light or mark every time they have to check up on some problem with very complex thousands of points of data JUST WITH MY ACCOUNT ALONE?  They need facts and data and that - for a variety of valid reasons - is not always easy nor quick to provide.  

Yes, I wish the corporate procedures were much better, more responsive, had a WRITTEN manual, so every little thing we don't have to post here and bother the Champions or mods.  From what I have learned from Bill, Gwalk, and others, and from 3 years experience with my own usage, MOST OF THE DATA USAGE problems ARE OURS, the CUSTOMER's IGNORANGE or unawareness. Once you get that straight you can get tremendous value for the less than hundred bucks a month, as Bill points out, with a little management and care to learn some basics.  We do that with our cars. We do that with our Cuisinarts.  We learn how to use the different "animals," contrivances, tools.. Some are more easy than others. Sat internet is definitely not the EASIEST. But it is do-able.

I do NOT think that Hughes is out to "get" anybody. Unresponsive. Yes, at times.  Slow, yes.  Poor call in tech service.  Definitely.  Room for improvement?  Hey, ask my wife.  We had a great marriage but I surely had plenty of room for improvement  DAILY.  I was tremendously blessed. I hope WHEN I see her again that she will concur. WE got gooder and gooder, better and better  - as time went on and solved the problems as they occurred.  Some of them took a while. 

This, too, shall pass.  Things will get better. Meanwhile i am grateful for what I have.  Check out "Phantom Usage" if you want to see what I have been going through, IF YOU CAN STAND THE LONG READ.  I suppose it is the longest open case and probably by far the longest amount of copy.  Takes forever to read through.  And I am about to post a huge addition, verifying the DETAILS of what I stated shortly above.  About how I got off at 10:50pm 2 days ago, disconnected LAN cable,  with 105MB usage that hour. And in 10 minutes of the rest of THAT hour, got "charged" with 208 MB MORE data when i was disconnected. I have suspected this was occurring (DDDD while I was using but I could not prove it)

And how it continued to chew out data for the next 2 HOURS - over 1 GB 11-12 midnight alone, showing I was disconnected when I was most certainly WAS NOT.  This has been going on for ages. I wish indeed that Hughes had taken this seriously at the start and that no one has to deal with this and that the frustrating problem is solved and never occurs to anyone again. IT IS HARD TO PROVE.  

This, too shall pass. 

-Larry and Nathanael Lewis in Nordman, Idaho

Re: Hughes Net should have a complaints Category & the Hater posts can go to its proper category

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts. The community does allow posters to select a category for their thread, however, this isn't always used properly. So even if we had such a category, I doubt anyone would use it. I appreciate your thoughts behind the idea, however. Smiley Happy

Please create a new thread in the community if you have a question or need help. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.