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Hughes Voice refuses to port my number

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Hughes Voice refuses to port my number

I submitted the porting request form and got back the message "You have submitted a port request for a phone number that is either a non-local phone number or you live in an area where you agreed to receive a non-local phone number. We regret that we cannot port this number to our Voice service."  Neither of those reasons was truly applicable.  I had checked on the internet and this is indeed a local number.  I called support about this issue and the rep said that yes, it was a local number, but that there was some other technical reason they couldn't do it.  They should really be up front about this limitation before people sign up expecting to be able to port their old number.  

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Re: Hughes Voice refuses to port my number

Hi jreedbum,


Thanks for posting. The other technical reasons for a number being ineligible to be ported has to do with local phone carriers, which are out of our control. Somehow even local numbers aren't considered "local" according to phone carriers. Anyway, that's why we do indicate on our HughesNet Voice webpage and FAQ that one may be eligible to port their number, but it's not always guaranteed.


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I hope that clears things up.


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